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Joy Crown offers a diverse range of medical disposables for various purposes, including epidemic prevention, surgery, medical sports, infection prevention, first aid, home care and cosmetics. Each solution product is designed and manufactured with a focus on quality, safety, and effectiveness.
We also support product development and customization to address the unique needs. If you want to know more about our service or any other information, please feel free to contact us.

Epidemic Prevention Solution

In the face of global health challenges, Joy Crown is dedicated to providing a comprehensive epidemic prevention solution that prioritizes the safety of medical staff and patients. Our commitment is to provide the best-in-class products for both medical staff and patients, with a focus on preventing infections in hospital and clinical environments. Addressing the situation concludes infection control, isolation measures, training and education, and patient care. Furthermore, we offer customization options for bulk orders, tailoring our solution to meet your unique requirements.

Some key products are:
  •  Nonwoven Face Mask: Offer superior protection against airborne contaminants, crucial in curbing the spread of infections.
  •  Disposable Coveralls: Provide full-body protection. They are especially important for professionals who may come into contact with hazardous materials or infectious agents.
  •  Medical Protective Face Shield: It is an additional barrier of defense shielding eyes, nose, and mouth from splashes, sprays, and respiratory droplets.
  •  Surgical Gloves: Essential for against contamination during medical procedures.

Epidemic Prevention Disposables

Surgery Solution

Surgical procedures are a critical intervention that demands precision and expertise. The surgical situations are more than patient care, clinical expertise, advanced technology, infection control, monitoring and adjusting, and emergency preparedness.
We offer a wide range of high-quality surgical disposables, aiming at providing healthcare facilities with reliable and effective surgical products. Maintaining the highest standards of safety and hygiene. Some are:
  •  Laparotomy Sponge with X-ray Threads: Ensure a higher level of safety and accuracy in surgical procedures.
  •  Gauze Swabs with X-ray Threads: Provide excellent absorbency and visibility in wound care and surgical applications.
  •  Gauze Ball with X-ray Threads: Widely used in wound packing and other medical uses. They are a common part of surgical disposables.
  •  Surgical Gown: Offer protection and comfort to medical professionals during surgical procedures.
  •  Surgical Mask: Ensure the safety of both medical staff and patients.
  •  Surgical Gloves: These gloves are an indispensable part of delivering sterile and reliable hand protection in surgery solutions.
  •  Nonwoven Caps: Designed for use in surgical and clinical environments for hygiene and safety.
  •  Surgical Scissors: High-precision scissors are included to facilitate surgical procedures.

Surgery Solution Disposables

Medical Sports Solution

Athlete health is vital for performance. Joy Crown's medical sports solution is a comprehensive approach designed to address the unique healthcare needs and requirements of athletes at all levels, helping them achieve their performance goals. The situation concludes injury prevention, rehabilitation and recovery, and medical support.

Key products we provide are:
  •  Cohesive Bandage: Ideal for supporting joints and muscles during physical activities with excellent flexibility and adherence.
  •  Kinesiology Tape: Provide support to muscles and joints while allowing a full range of motion.
  •  Sports Tapes: Suitable for various sports applications.
  •  Elastic Adhesive Bandage (EAB): Offer compression and support for injured or stressed body parts.
  •  Our Sports Solution is tailored to meet the demands of athletes, coaches, and sports enthusiasts, helping them achieve their performance goals.

Medical Sports Disposables

Infection Prevention Solution

Infection prevention is an essential component of modern healthcare. It encompasses a wide range of strategies and practices aimed at minimizing the spread of infections within healthcare settings. The infection prevention situation concludes healthcare-associated infections (HAIs), pathogen transmission, patient vulnerability, healthcare worker safety, and outbreak control.

Our infection prevention solution encompasses products that address the challenges of immunization and infection control. Key products in this solution include:
  •  70% Alcohol Swab: Essential for disinfection and hygiene, ensuring a clean and sterile environment.
  •  Absorbent Cotton Ball: Used in various medical applications and wound care.
  •  Band Aid: Providing protection for minor cuts and abrasions. They are a common choice for first aid.
  •  Disposable Medical Syringe: Designed for precise and safe medication administration.

Infection Prevention Disposables

First Aid Solution

First aid is an emergency response in various settings, from homes and workplaces to outdoor recreational areas. It involves the provision of initial care to individuals who have sustained injuries or fallen ill until professional medical help arrives, such as unforeseen emergencies, golden hour, pain relief and comfort, and lifesaving Interventions.

Joy Crown's first aid solution is dedicated to equipping individuals and organizations with the medical supplies needed to respond effectively in emergencies, including:
  •  First Aid Bandage: Protect and promote the healing of minor injuries for wound management.
  •  First Aid Box: Well-equipped with essential supplies for immediate care during emergencies.
  •  Emergency Blanket: Provide warmth and protection in outdoor and emergency situations.
  •  Instant Ice Pack: Offer rapid relief for injuries and inflammation.

First Aid Disposables

Home Care and Cosmetics Solution

Home care and cosmetics contribute to overall well-being and personal hygiene. Different individuals have unique home care and cosmetics needs. Babies require gentle skincare products, seniors may need adaptive aids, and everyone benefits from products that align with their skin type and preferences. Applications conclude personal care, wound care, comfort, medical needs, convenience, and preventive care.

Joy Crown's Home Care and Cosmetics Solution is designed to cater to the diverse needs of individuals and families by providing a range of high-quality products:

  •  Cotton Tip Applicator: Useful for various personal care and cosmetic applications.
  •  Wet Wipe: Our wet wipes are versatile and suitable for personal hygiene and cleansing.
  •  Toiletry Bag: Designed for convenient storage and organization of personal care items.
  •  Cosmetic Cotton: Essential for makeup removal and skincare routines.

Home Care and Cosmetics Disposables

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