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Plastic Medical Products Manufacturer - Joy Crown

Plastics have been used widely to create medical tools and devices like surgical gloves, vaginal speculum, medicines cups, nasal oxygen cannula, catheter etc. Such products are created for one-time use and help prevent the spread of dangerous diseases by eliminating the need to sterilize and re-use a device.

Shanghai Joy Crown Industry Co., Ltd provide a wide plastic medical products, including single use vaginal speculum, medicines cups, wash bottle, ID wrist band, face shield, ventilated eye shield, cytology brush, umbilical cord clamp, nasal oxygen cannula, mouth to mouth rescue device, examine gloves, surgical gloves, PVC Examination gloves, nitrile gloves.

If you want to know more about the plastic medical products, welcome to contact us and we are willing to tell you the details about the plastic medical products and we are willing to service you.


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