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Medical Protective Face Shield

  • Joy Crown or Customers’ Private Brands

  • JC1300501


Medical protective face shield, is also named protective face shield, plastic face shield, protective clear anti fog face shield or medical face shield, made by plastic sheet, sponge, medical grade glue, latex free belt, button. Our PET face shield is reusable safety face shield with clear films, high visible with coated fog-free in both side, adjustable band and the ideal for full protect eye, mouth, nose from flying, aerosols, sprays and splatters.

Medical protective face shield is used in medical institutions, it has a protective effect during the examination and treatment, blocking spatter of liquid, blood or broken splash. Our plastic face shield, is also an item of personal protective equipment (PPE), aims to protect the wearer's entire face (or part of it) from hazards such as flying objects.

Our medical face shield had played a important role in the epidemic preventions process, and obtained FDA & ISO and FSC in 2020.

Medical Protective Face Shield Features:

  • Material: 

      Plastic sheet: Medical grade PET, thickness:18 s(0.18mm) and 25 s(0.25mm); Anti fog coating with double-sided film

      Sponge ,25 dense ,flame retardant, Sponge size:24X3.5X3.5cm

      Glue: Medical grade glue

      Belt: Spandex, Latex free, Length: 32cm

      Button: Resin

  • Size: 33X22cm; 25X19.5cm with frame

  • Comfortable and easy to wear

  • High visible with coated fog-free in both side

  • Adjustable band

  • Shelf life: Three years

  • Storage: Store in a dry, well - ventilated warehouse


Instruction of use:

When using our face shield, open the package and take out the shield, tear off the protective film on the shield, face the shield outward, point the sponge side at the forehead, and wear it directly on the head, adjust the elastic belt to a comfortable degree.


Medical Protectiv Face Shield Performance

The surface of the face shield should be clean, no stains, one-sided can not be damaged, sight should be clear when wearing. After the face shield is worn, it should completely cover the wearer's face.


Packing: 25pcs/box with OEM/ODM/Joy Crown printing, 8 boxes/ctn (200pcs/ctn).

              1pc/box with OEM/ODM/Joy Crown printing, 200boxes/ctn (200pcs/ctn).

Reference No/

Product Code



Unit Package




Carton Size


Transparent Protective Face Shield

Type I

33cm x 22cm





Type II

Anti-Saliva Splash Dust Anti Oil Splash Face

25cm x 19.5cm with frame




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