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Non Woven Doctor Cap

  • Joy Crown or Customers’ Private Brands

  • JC03016


Joy Crown Non Woven Doctor Cap - Your Trusted Protection in the Operating Room

Non woven doctor cap is also known as non woven surgical cap or surgeon cap. Our disposable doctor cap is crafted from premium polypropylene (PP) or SMS materials to ensure lightweight and maximum protection and comfort, designed to provide full hair coverage both inside and outside the operating room.

Non woven doctor caps have become an essential element of a surgeon or nurse's surgical scrubs. They are considered to be a necessary piece of personal protective clothing, safeguarding both the patient and the operating team.

  • Weight: 20~40g/m2

  • Size: 64cm x 12cm; 64cm x 13cm, 64cm x 14cm, 64cm x 15cm, 66cm x 13cm, etc

  • Color: Blue, Green, White

  • Type: Doctor Cap with Elastic at Back (For male); Doctor Cap with Tie at Back (For female).

  • Suitable pressure for users

  • Non Sterile, Single-use

Key Features of Non Woven Doctor Cap:

Full Hair Coverage

Prevent contamination of the operating field from microorganisms that may originate from personnel's hair or scalps.

Versatile Designs

We offer types of disposable surgical caps for different needs, including exact-fit surgeon caps for short hairstyles, bouffant-style caps for longer hair, and astronaut caps for full head and ear coverage.

Secure and Comfortable Fit

With encapsulated elastic edges, our doctor caps provide suitable pressure for users, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit throughout usage.

Hygienic and Convenient

Only single-use, hygienic for both medical personnel and patients.

Certified Quality

TUV certified, ISO13485, and CE standards since 2011.

Non Woven Doctor Cap Applications:

  • Hospital clinical medical personnel and patients

  • Dust-free workshop, laboratory, food industry, electronic manufactures and so on


Reference No/

Product Code



Unit Package


/Carton Package


Non Woven Doctor Cap

White/Blue/Green Color


Customized weight

64cm x 12cm




64cm x 13cm


64cm x 14cm


64cm x 15cm


66cm x 13cm


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