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Cosmetic Cotton

  • Joy Crown or Customers’ Private Brands

  • JC02009


Cosmetic Cotton, also known as cotton pads, makeup cotton pads, or cotton tissue, is made from high-quality 100% natural cotton. They are designed for daily cleansing, providing a soft touch and preventing fiber detachment with their unique spun lace technique. With Joy Crown Cosmetic Cotton, your everyday skincare routine becomes comfier than ever.

Key Features of Joy Crown Cosmetic Cotton:

Material: Made from high-quality pure cotton, ensuring softness and absorbency.

Shapes: Available in various sizes to suit different purposes, including round, square, and oval shapes.

Unique Spunlace Technique: The spunlace technique ensures lint-free products, providing a superior user experience.

Fluorescence-Free: Our cosmetic cotton is free from any fluorescent substances.

Non-Irritating and Hygienic: These cotton pads are non-irritating and gentle on the skin, maintaining hygiene during application.

Great Water Absorbency: Joy Crown Cosmetic Cotton has excellent water absorbency for efficient cleansing.

Wet and Dry Dual Usage: Suitable for both wet and dry applications, offering versatility in skincare routines.

Non-Sterile: The cosmetic cotton pads come in a non-sterile form, perfect for everyday personal use.

Application of Joy Crown Cosmetic Cotton:

Cosmetic cotton pads serve various purposes, both in the medical and cosmetic realms. For medical uses, they are effective in stopping or preventing bleeding from minor punctures, such as injections or venipuncture, and can be secured in place with tape.

Additionally, these cotton pads are widely used for makeup application and removal, fingernail cleaning, face cleaning, and more. Their gentle nature makes them suitable for cleaning babies as well.


Packing: 50pcs, 75pcs, 100pcs, 160pcs or 200pcs/box or bag with OEM/ODM or Joy Crown printing.


Reference No/

Product Code



Unit Package

Outside/Carton Package


Round Cotton Pads

pure cotton

360 stitched lint free

ergonomic design

Diameter: 5.7cm


20 bags


Diameter: 8.0cm


Square Cotton Pads

pure cotton

ultra-thin design


5cm x 6cm

100pcs/bag or box

20 bags or boxes


5cm x 7cm


5.5cm x 6.5cm


7.5cm x 7.5cm


9cm x 11cm


Oval Cotton Pads

pure cotton

ultra-thin design


9cm x 7cm


Cotton Tissue

pure cotton

travel size

9cm x 12cm

75pcs/bag or box


Cotton Tissue

pure cotton

10cm x 20cm

100pcs/bag or box


Cotton Tissue

pure cotton

baby use

durable and thicker design

15cm x 20cm


19/20cm x 20cm

50pcs/bag or box


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