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Athletic Tape

  • Joy Crown or Customers’ Private Brands

  • JC05017


Experience support and protection during your athletic endeavors with Joy Crown Sports Tape. Our athletic tape is designed to enhance performance, prevent injuries, and promote a healthy and comfortable lifestyle.

From professional athletes to sports enthusiasts, our sports tape offers various applications. Used by boxers, hockey players, basketball players, volleyball players, and athletes from renowned boxing gyms in the United States, UK, Germany, Mexico, and beyond.

Athletic Tape Features:

  • Material: Crafted from 100% cotton backcloth or elastic fabrics, with a coating of zinc oxide adhesive or hot-melt adhesive for maximum effectiveness.

  • Multiple Options:

  • Color: bleached white, black, tan, and custom OEM printing designs

  • Size: 1/2” x 10yds(9.1m), 1"x10yds(9.1m), 3.8cm x 10yds(9.1m), 2” x 10yds(9.1m), 3” x 10yds(9.1m); 1/2” x 15yds(13.7m), 1.9cm x 15yds(13.7m), 1"x15yds(13.7m), 3.8cm x 15yds(13.7m), 2” x 15yds(13.7m), 3” x 15yds(13.7m)

  • Zigzag edge options are available for added convenience and usability

  • Mini-Holes Surface: The sports tape features a unique mini-hole surface design for added breathability and comfort.

  • Latex-Free: Our athletic tape is latex-free, ensuring maximum skin comfort and reducing irritation.

  • Firm Support: Provides robust support for ankles, wrists, hands, and various body parts during strenuous activities.

  • Superior Stability: Maintain a stable position of bones and muscles during intense athletic activity.

  • Rigid Support: Choose non-elastic, tough sports tape to immobilize joints and provide full protection, or opt for highly flexible and stretchy varieties that afford a full range of motion, tailored to your specific needs.

  • Tear by Hand: The sports tape is conveniently tearable by hand, allowing easy application without scissors.

Athletic Tape Uses:

  • Injury Prevention: Effectively prevents injuries by supporting muscles and joints during intense physical activities.

  • Pain Reduction and Rehabilitation: Proven to aid in pain reduction, injury recurrence prevention, and promoting faster rehabilitation.

  • Customized Support: Adjusts support force for targeted areas, facilitating muscle movement and promoting natural body motion.

  • Protective Barrier: Acts as a protective barrier and second skin if needed, safeguarding your body during sports and exercise.


Reference No/

Product Code



Unit Package


/Carton Package


Sports Tape

1/2” x 10yds(9.1m)

24 rolls/box

30 boxes


1” x 10yds(9.1m)

12 rolls/box


3.8cm x 10yds(9.1m)

6 rolls/box


2” x 10yds(9.1m)


3” x 10yds(9.1m)


1/2” x 15yds(13.7m)

96 rolls/box

576 rolls


1.9cm x 15yds(13.7m)

64 rolls/box

384 rolls


1” x 15yds(13.7m)

48 rolls/box

288 rolls


3.8cm x 15yds(13.7m)

32 rolls/box

192 rolls


2” x 15yds(13.7m)

24 rolls/box

144 rolls


3” x 15yds(13.7m)

16 rolls/box

96 rolls


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