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Boxing Hand Wrap Gauze

  • Joy Crown or Customers’ Private Brands

  • JC04022


Boxing Hand Wrap Gauze

the ultimate accessory for fighters seeking unmatched protection and comfort

during training sessions or professional fights

Joy Crown offers various boxing hand wrap gauze and fight sports super gauze to meet the needs of professional and amateur trainers alike.

Boxing Hand Gauze is made from pure cotton and polyester materials, ensuring a soft and comfortable feel with every use. The folded edges add to the overall comfort, providing a custom form-fitting wrap for your hands.

Each roll is thoughtfully packed in a sealed bag with clear instructions, ensuring both hygiene and convenience.

Features of Boxing Hand Wrap Gauze:

  • Material: Made from 100% cotton cloth or polyester, with 100% double weave cotton and selvaged edges to prevent snags and fraying.

  • Cotton Yarn: Available in 16's, 21's, 32's, and 40's.

  • Mesh: Various density options, including 13 threads, 17 threads, and 20 threads.

  • Color: Available in White and Black.

  • Size of Length: 10yds & 15yds.

  • Width: 2".

  • Non-elastic.

  • Absorbent, Soft, and Comfortable.

  • Provides extra protection and molds quickly to the contours of your hands.

  • Individually packed in shrink wrap for convenience and hygiene.

Advantages of Boxing Hand Wrap Gauze:

  • Unparalleled comfort during use.

  • Excellent water absorption and air adaptability.

  • Can be re-washed for long-lasting use.

Usage of Boxing Hand Wrap Gauze:

General support and compression.

Acts as a protective bandage, preventing hand injuries that can end a boxer's career.

Meets all professional sanctioning bodies and USA Boxing guidelines - size: 2" x 10yds and 15yds. 

Super thick, 100% cotton gauze for the ultimate padded wrap. Provides extra protection and molds quickly to the contours of your hands. Very comfortable. Complies with all fight-sanctioning body requirements. Suitable for amateur and pro fights.

Joy Crown Boxing for championship performance boxing tape and super gauze, designed to keep your hands protected and ready for victory. Try our Boxing Hand Wrap Gauze today and experience the difference in comfort and performance.

Boxing Hand Wrap Gauze Types and Packaging:

Each roll is individually wrapped in shrink wrap, packed in a sealed bag with an instructed label

Option for OEM/ODM or Joy Crown printing on the packaging

Elevate your boxing experience with our superior Boxing Hand Gauze. Trust Joy Crown to deliver exceptional quality and performance, allowing you to focus on what matters most – your performance in the ring.

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Product Code



Unit Package

Outside/Carton Package


Gauze-1, TOP GAUZE

2” X 10/15 yards

1 Roll/Shrink Wrap

25/50/200 Rolls






Gauze Kit

One Set

One Set/Zipper Bag

20 Sets

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