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Silk Tape

  • Joy Crown or Customers’ Private Brands

  • JC05005


Joy Crown Silk Surgical Tapes

Your Reliable Solution for medical sticking and fixation

Designed to provide secure and comfortable medical applications, our silk tapes are crafted with meticulous attention to detail, making them the ideal choice for various medical needs.

Whether you need durapore silk tape or hypoallergenic silk tape, our products can meet your needs.

Multiple Options Available:

  • Material: Silk cloth or acetate silk cloth, hypoallergenic adhesive (hot-melt or acrylic adhesive)

  • Width: Choose from 1.25cm, 2.5cm, 5cm, 7.5cm, or 10cm to suit your specific medical requirements.

  • Length: Select from 5m, 10m, 4yds, 5yds, or 10yds for convenient and efficient usage.

  • Zigzag Edge: Zigzag edge variant is available for added flexibility in securing dressings.

Key Features of Silk Surgical Tapes:

  • Silk-Like Fabric: Ensure gentle adheres well to dry skin

  • Hypoallergenic Adhesive: The tapes are coated with a hypoallergenic adhesive (hot-melt or acrylic), latex-free, perfect for sensitive skin.

  • Easy Tear: The tapes feature a convenient bi-directional tear, allowing for quick and easy application without scissors.

  • Breathable Design: Permeable to air and exudate from wounds, promoting comfort during extended wear.

  • Minimal Residue: Upon removal, our tapes leave minimal adhesive residue, reducing discomfort and skin irritation.

  • Nonsterile

Silk Tapes Applications:

Securing Dressings

Can be cut to size to secure virtually any dressing without causing any surface damage, especially heavy and bulky dressings.

Post-Surgery Support

Our Silk Tapes are perfect for post-surgery applications and frequent gauze changes, ensuring reliable and gentle fixation.

General Surgical Use

Whether it's for wound trip, catheter fixation, or reinforcement, our hypoallergenic Silk Tapes deliver exceptional performance. 


Reference No/

Product Code



Unit Package


/Carton Package


Silk Surgical Tape

simple package

(without plastic spool and cover)

1.25cm x 5m/10yds


24 Rolls/Box

720 Rolls


2.5cm x 5m/10yds

12 Rolls/Box

360 Rolls


5cm x 5m/10yds

6 Rolls/Box

180 Rolls


7.5cm x 5m/10yds


10cm x 5m/10yds


Silk Surgical Tape

with plastic spool and cover

1.25cm x 5m

24 Rolls/Box

720 Rolls


2.5cm x 5m

12 Rolls/Box

360 Rolls


5cm x 5m

6 Rolls/Box

180 Rolls


7.5cm x 5m


10cm x 5m


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