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What is the Boxing Hand Wrap Gauze for?

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What is the Boxing Hand Wrap Gauze for?

What is Boxer Hand Wrapping & Bandages? Boxing is a very popular fitness sport all over the world, it started in our country and is one of the hottest types of martial arts in our country. We find that boxers wear gauze, but what is the use of Boxing Hand Wrap Gauze?

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l Boxing Hand Wrap Gauze is used to wrap a boxer's hand.

l The purpose of the Boxing Hand Wrap Gauze is to protect the hand.

Boxing Hand Wrap Gauze is used to wrap a boxer's hand.

The Boxing Hand Wrap Gauze is a boxing gauze and is the same as a medical gauze bandage. It is 15 yards long and 5 cm wide and is used to tie around the hand to prevent wrist sprains, broken cartilage in the fingers, and skin abrasions Boxing Hand Wrap Gauze protects the wrist and hand joints. To protect the wrist and hand joints, there are over 70 small bones in the wrist, so wrapping the bandage makes them fit together and less likely to be injured.

To the uninitiated boxer, a boxer wears a thick glove, clenches his fist, and then fights his opponent. This is not the case. In training and competition, boxers have Boxing Hand Wrap Gauze wrapped around their hands! Some beginners know that they need to wrap the Boxing Hand Wrap Gauze, but they do not have a deeper understanding of the function of the Boxing Hand Wrap Gauze and are often sloppy about it. The result is a lot of bruises, scrapes, and bruises that should have been avoided, affecting training and causing a lot of pain.

The purpose of the Boxing Hand Wrap Gauze is to protect the hand.

As you know, the only "weapon" used in boxing to hit an opponent is the fist. In training and competition, whenever boxing techniques are used, the fist is always in direct contact with the opponent or with a hand target, wall target, or sandbag. If the boxing gloves are not wrapped around the Boxing Hand Wrap Cotton Gauze and the hands are empty, the gloves can’t fit tightly to the hands and the small gap between the first and the glove will cause more friction under the strong force, which will cause damage to the opponent. At the same time, the sweat from the hands, which is not absorbed by the Boxing Hand Wrap Gauze, is bound to make the hands slippery and cause discomfort in addition to the weakness of the blows. The purpose of the Boxing Hand Wrap is to protect the hand from abrasions to the skin of the fingers, wrist, and crest, and from contusions to the fingers and wrist. The Boxing Hand Wrap Gauze also concentrates the grip, which is good for improving the effectiveness of the strikes. Wrapping the hand gauze increases the safety of the punch and creates a sense of psychological security, which is good for making the most of your technique and achieving good results.

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