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Two examples of Gauze Roll applications

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Two examples of Gauze Roll applications

The Gauze Roll is used to dress wounds, to aid, protect and isolate them. The Gauze Roll is used in hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, supermarkets, battlefields, home care, teaching institutions, clinical research, outdoor activities, first aid treatment, trauma dressing, the food industry, and many more. Let's take a look at two examples of Gauze Roll Folded applications.

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l Gauze Roll with acupressure for bleeding from an arteriovenous fistula puncture site after hemodialysis.

l Gauze Roll is a safe and effective way to stop bleeding.

Gauze Roll with acupressure for bleeding from an arteriovenous fistula puncture site after hemodialysis.

The Gauze Roll with an elastic bandage is a common clinical method of hemostasis, which is convenient and effortless. However, when the bandage is applied around the forearm for one week, swelling of the limb may be noticeable after two to three minutes, and in severe cases, the limb may become numb and purple. The Gauze Bandage Roll method is a local compression method that applies pressure directly to the vessel and puncture site, resulting in a more precise point of compression, easily palpable vascular pulsations, and less pressure on the fistula. The finger pressure can also be adjusted according to the bleeding at the puncture site and the method has no effect on the patient's forearm movement and is relatively comfortable.

The Gauze Roll method is applied vertically to the puncture site, with high pressure but a small compression area, and therefore takes less time to stop the bleeding. The Medical Cotton Gauze Roll is easy to control and the anastomotic arterial flow is weakly impelled by the puncture site, so there are fewer complications of bleeding and subcutaneous hematoma at the puncture site. The Gauze Roll technique is performed under the observation of the nurse, which provides a strong guarantee of hemostasis. In conclusion, the Gauze Roll method of hemodialysis for arteriovenous fistulas significantly reduces complications, provides short hemostasis times, good hemostasis, and high patient comfort, and is a safe and effective hemostasis method.

Gauze Roll is a safe and effective way to stop bleeding.

With the increasing incidence of cervical disease, colposcopy has been widely used in clinical practice as a means of detecting cervical lesions. Colposcopy has the advantage of being intuitive and non-invasive, but during colposcopy, there is often a large amount of cervical discharge which cannot be effectively removed by the usual cotton ball wiping method, especially when the patient is ovulating and the leucorrhoea is about 10 cm long, which is difficult to wipe away with a normal cotton ball, seriously affecting the outcome of the colposcopy and the diagnosis and treatment of cervical disease. I use a simple and effective method to remove the cervical secretions with the Gauze, with satisfactory results.

The vagina is opened with a speculum, the cervix is fully exposed, the Gauze Roll is held in the right hand with cervical or vascular forceps, and the back of the Gauze Roll is wiped with the back of the left side Gauze Roll to cover as much of the discharge as possible, two small cervical swabs (approximately 14 cm long) are held in the left hand and the surface of the gauze is gently pressed against the opening of the cervix and the Gauze Roll is opened. The gauze is then held by a cervical forceps or vascular forceps and gradually withdrawn until the Medical Gauze is completely opened. The Gauze Roll is easy to use, simple to make, flexible, and time-saving.  Gauze Roll is usually sufficient to wipe away the discharge, saving material and making it suitable for all kinds of cervical examinations and treatments, especially colposcopy.

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