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Introduction to the Gauze Roll

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Introduction to the Gauze Roll

I think most of us have come across the Gauze Roll at some point in our lives, for example, when we have fallen and caused some minor external abrasions on our bodies, we would use the Gauze Fluff Rolls to dress them. Gauze Roll is used for bleeding wounds, wound dressings, post-operative incision dressings, the removal of residual blood stains from bleeding areas during surgery, and for holding surgical organs and tissues after removal. Here is the content list for Gauze Roll.

Here is the content list:

l How did the medical Gauze Roll develop?

l Gauze Roll is mainly used for surgical procedures.

l Gauze Roll is most commonly used for medical treatment.

How did the medical Gauze Roll develop?

As early as 4000 years ago, the ancient Egyptians knew how to use naturally bonded linen yarn to close wounds and natural medicinal plant-treated fabrics to wrap mummies to prevent them from decaying. In 1865, Joseph Lister established a new method of sterilization using carbolic acid as a sterilizing agent and was the first to apply sterile gauze to wound care. In 1867, Joseph Lister became the founder of modern aseptic surgery by applying the concept of asepsis to the care of surgical incisions and associated wounds, drawing on Louis Pasteur's theory of "autoclaving". At the same time, the "dry and airy" theory, represented by cotton gauze dressings, became the mainstream of the time. The painful dressing changes, the secondary damage to the wound, and the inadequacy of cotton gauze dressings for the treatment of difficult wounds became increasingly evident in clinical practice. These problems prompted medical pioneers to develop new wound dressings, which led to the Gauze Roll.

Gauze Roll is mainly used for surgical procedures.

The mechanism of the medical Gauze Roll to stop bleeding is that the gauze absorbs water from the blood and concentrates blood cells, clotting factors, etc., thus promoting blood clotting. External bacteria are less likely to enter the wound, which in turn protects it from secondary infection and facilitates the repair of traumatic tissue. In addition, the tissue and organs cut during surgery are held in Medical Cotton Gauze Roll, which also prevents cross-contamination by bacteria or viruses. When Gauze Roll meets blood, it rapidly absorbs and swells, and dissolves, forming a cover with the blood clot and protecting the wound. As the Gauze Roll dissolves with a large number of negative ions, it activates the coagulation factors, initiates the endogenous coagulation system, and promotes the production of thrombin, which in turn hydrolyses the fibrinogen and is reinforced by fibrin stabilizing factors to form insoluble fibrin multimers, thus stopping bleeding, preventing tissue adhesions and promoting wound healing. Gauze Roll is mainly used in dental extractions, skin trauma, burns, and various surgical procedures to stop bleeding and prevent tissue adhesions, protect the wounded surface and promote wound healing.

Gauze Roll is most commonly used for medical treatment.

It is made based on the original gauze, which is more dense and soft compared to the original gauze. In other respects, it is packaged in individual pouches, which allows for better isolation from the next spread of germs and infections. It also avoids inconvenience or contamination when carried on the go. The Gauze Roll is also used in a wide range of applications, mostly for medical dressings and hemostasis, but also for fixing braces in the event of fractures and for cleaning and dressing small wounds at home. However, it is important to note that the Medical Gauze is a disposable product and should not be used twice to avoid secondary contamination of wounds that have not been treated properly.

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