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When to use the Emergency Blanket

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When to use the Emergency Blanket

What is the Emergency Blanket?

Emergency Blanket is an outdoor first aid product. Emergency Blanket is also called Mylar blanket, first aid blanket, sunscreen blanket and cold blanket. First aid blanket is normally made by tin foil or aluminum film, they are divided into four types: double-sided gold, double-sided silver, gold-silver double-sided, military green and silver-sided, and have the functions of keeping warm and protecting against cold and sunscreen.

When to use the Emergency Blanket

Emergency Blanket is small and powerful, what are the uses of emergency blankets? How should it be used? Please see the introduction below.


The first method is to keep warm outside. When the weather is suddenly cold, you can put an emergency blanket on your body to keep your body temperature.

At 9:00 a.m. on May 22th 2021, the Yellow River Stone Forest Mountain Marathon 100-kilometer cross-country race was held in the Yellow River Stone Forest Scenic Spot in Jingtai County, Baiyin City, Gansu Province. Encountered extreme weather such as strong wind, freezing rain, hail, etc., most of the contestants suffered from hypothermia and other discomforts, and some contestants lost contact. Immediately the game was stopped, and local rescues were organized.

According to the local official notification, as of 8:00 a.m. on the 23rd, a total of 151 participants were rescued and retrieved, of which 8 were treated in the hospital with minor injuries, and 21 participants had lost their vital signs when they were found.

In extreme weather like this, emergency blankets play a key role. A first aid blanket can effectively prevent hypothermia after strenuous exercise. In most professional international marathon events, first aid blankets are a must-have item. In the event of a disaster in the wild, wrap the first aid blanket around your body and use its reflective effect to help rescuers find the target.

Silver First Aid Blanket for keeping warm

The second usage is that it can be used as a rain poncho. The first aid blanket is waterproof. When you encounter a sudden rainstorm, you can wear the first aid blanket on your body, which can prevent the rainstorm and prevent cold and damp.

The third usage, the first aid blanket can be used as a floor mat, and it can be used to isolate moisture on the ground, especially in the wild.

The fourth usage of the first aid blanket can be easily made into a small tent with a rope, which can protect against wind and rain. When surviving in the wild, you can use this tent to stay overnight or rest.

The fifth usage, due to its thermal insulation and moisture resistance, the first aid blanket can be wrapped around the body and used as a sleeping bag.

The sixth usage first aid blanket can be used to make a temporary small soft stretcher, which can talk about some injured wounded or patients.

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