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Face Shield Production Process and Use

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 Face Shield Production Process and Use

During the Pandemic of COVID-19, Joy Crown developed and began to produce the medical face shield to prevention the corona virus.

This face shield material is including:

l Medical grade PET, 18s anti-fog coating with doublt-sided film

l Sponge: 25 dense flame retardant, size:24x3.5x3.5cm

l Glue: Medical grdea gule

l Belt: Spandex, free latex, length:32cm

l Button: Resin

Instruction Use:

l Open the package and take out the shield, tear off the protective film on the shield, face the shield outward, point the sponge side at the forehead, and wear it directly on the head, adjust the elastic belt to a comfortable degree.


Removing a face shield (doffing)

· At no time should the front of the face shield be touched.

· Take off other PPE first and wash hands before taking off the shield.

· Tilt your head forward slightly, grab the strap at the temple and pull forward and over your head.

· Dispose of the face shield safely if it isn’t reusable or place the used face shield into a bag or container to be transferred/collected to an area where cleaning or mass disinfection will occur.

· Wash hands again.

Cleaning and disinfecting

Reusing single-use face shields is not recommended and they should be discarded immediately after use. Reusing should only be considered in the context of a critical supply issue.

If available, the manufacturer’s instructions for use (IFU) should be followed.

In the absence of instructions, seek advice from an infection control consultant before reusing
face shields.

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