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Sterile Gauze Cut

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Sterile Gauze Cut

the reliable solution for controlling bleeding and promoting wound healing

Joy Crown sterile cutting gauze is specifically designed for medical applications.

Our advanced production line ensures the seamless transformation of cotton yarn into superior medical gauze fabric. With a focus on quality, our gauze cuts possess excellent whiteness, high absorbency, and are free from fluorescence or alcohol-soluble dyes.. This ensures optimal performance in surgical procedures and emergency situations.

Sterile Gauze Cut Specifications:

Material: Made from 100% cotton yarn, ensuring superior quality and absorbency.

Cotton Yarn: 12's, 16's, 21's, 32's, 40's, etc., providing flexibility to meet specific requirements.

Gauze Mesh: Multiple gauze warp and weft options, such as 28x24, 30x20, 30x19, 24x20, 26x17, 25x17, 24x13, 19x15, 15x18, 20x12, 19x13, etc.

Size: 5cm x 5cm, 6cm x 6cm, 7.5cm x 7.5cm, 10cm x 8cm, and 10cm x 10cm, etc., catering to diverse wound dimensions.

Features and Benefits of Sterile Gauze Cut:

1. High Absorbency

Effectively absorb blood and exudate, promoting a clean and hygienic wound environment.

2. High Degree Whiteness

Crafted with precision bleaching techniques, our gauze maintains a high degree of whiteness, ensuring visual clarity during wound management.

3. X-ray Detectable Threads

Choose from options with or without X-ray detectable threads for enhanced visibility during medical imaging procedures.

4. Sterile

Each gauze cut is individually packed into sterile pouches and sterilized using ETO, ensuring optimal safety and cleanliness.

5. Reliable Packaging

Available in convenient pack sizes of 50 or 100 pieces, our sterile gauze cuts are packaged using OEM or Joy Crown branded printing paper packs or plastic bags.

6. Quality Assurance

Our sterile cutting gauze has received ISO13485, CE, and US FDA certifications, attesting to their compliance with international quality and safety regulations.

Sterile Gauze Cut Application:

Ideal for surgical procedures, wound care, and first aid kits, Joy Crown Sterile Gauze Cut is an essential component for healthcare professionals and individuals seeking reliable wound management solutions.

Experience the quality and reliability of Joy Crown Sterile Gauze Cut. Contact us today to learn more about our sterile gauze products and discover why our customers trust us for their medical needs.

Packing: 50/100 pcs/pack, packed by OEM or Joy Crown printing paper pack or plastic bag.

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Unit Package

Outside/Carton Package


Sterile Cut Gauze

12’s (16’s,32’s,40’s)

different meshes

5cm x 5cm


100pcs/sterile pouch

10 pouches/box

40 Boxes


6cm x 6m


1,000 Pouches


7.5cm x 7.5cm

100pcs/sterile pouch

10 pouches/box

40 Boxes


10cm x 8m



40 Boxes


10cm x 10m



400 Boxes



1,000 Pouches

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