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Burn Sheet (Cotton Pads)

  • Joy Crown or Customers’ Private Brands

  • JC01012


Burn Sheets

the reliable solution for large area wound care and burn management

Burn sheets are also known as cotton pads, dressing burn pads, or gauze combined dressings.

Joy Crown Burn sheets are meticulously crafted using 100% cotton covered with a soft, high-density gauze outer layer. Available in various sizes, especially catering to the needs of the Middle East Asian, and South American markets.

Features and Benefits of Burn Sheets:

1. Material

100% cotton and high-density gauze, ensuring optimal absorption and protection.

2. High Absorbency

Quickly absorb fluids and exudates, directing them to the center pad for efficient wound management.

3. Superior Wound Protection

Especially for large area wounds, promoting a hygienic and healing environment.

4. Soft and Comfortable

Ensuring patient comfort during use. The low lint design minimizes the risk of lint particles interfering with wound healing.

5. Sterile and Single-Use

Each burn sheet is individually meticulously packaged in blister pouches, ensuring the sterility and integrity of each individual sheet. Sterilization is carried out using ETO (Ethylene Oxide) or Gamma irradiation, meeting the highest standards of medical device safety. Only for single use, ensuring optimal hygiene and convenience.

Burn Sheets Application:

Min Burn Wound Cover

Our burn sheets are primarily used to cover minor burn wounds, providing a protective layer to facilitate healing and prevent contamination.

Acute Wound Care

The burn sheets can also be used for acute wound care, effectively absorbing large amounts of exudates and promoting a clean and hygienic healing environment.


1pc or 2pcs/sterile blister pouch with OEM/ODM or Joy Crown printing.

Reference No/

Product Code



Unit Package

Outside/Carton Package


Burn Sheet

the cotton size in sheet: 25cm x 50cm x 1cm

EO Sterilization.

25cm x 50cm

2 Piece/Pouch

100 Pouches


Dressing Burn Pad

made of cotton tissue

enclosed into not less than 20 threads/cm gauze

lock-stitched all edges

bundle and provided with safety pins, 

EO Sterilization.

45cm x 45cm

1 Piece/Pouch


45cm x 75cm


55cm x 75cm


75cm x 90cm

50 Pouches



Gauze + Cotton

EO   Sterilization.

7cm x 10cm

1 Piece/sterile Pouch, 10 Pouches/Bag

1,200 Pouches


7cm x 20cm

600 Pouches


10cm x 20cm


12cm x 10cm


10cm x 23cm


20cm x 25cm

300 Pouches


20cm x 30cm


40cm x 40cm

200 Pouches


10cm x 150cm

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