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Cotton Cheese Cloth

  • Joy Crown or Customers’ Private Brands

  • JC01015


JC01015 Cheese Cloth

Introducing our premium quality Cotton Cheese Cloth, a must-have tool for various kitchen and crafting applications. The popularity of Cheesecloth is soaring in the USA and European markets, and as a professional manufacturer, Joy Crown offers top-notch cheesecloth that meets your needs.

Cheese Cloth, also known as Cheesecloth, Cotton Cheese Cloth, Kitchen Cotton Cheese Cloth, or 100% Cotton Cheesecloth, is made from loosely woven, 100% natural unbleached heavy-weight cotton fabric. Our premium quality cheese cloth resembles gauze and offers excellent absorbency and lint-free performance.

Additionally, our cheesecloth is recyclable, provided your local recycling center accepts textiles. If you're curious about China Cheesecloth and want to learn more, don't hesitate to contact us. We are more than happy to provide detailed information about our 100% Cotton Cheese Cloth.

Key Features of our Cotton Cheese Cloth:

  • Material: 100% natural cotton gauze, unbleached and white, food-grade quality, high absorbency, 100% safe and healthy

  • Cotton Yarn: Made from 40's cotton yarn for optimal durability and performance

  • Gauze Mesh: Available in various mesh configurations, including 19x8, 19x15, 20x12, 20x24, 28x16, and more

  • Size: Choose from sizes such as 36"x1yard/4ply/bag, 36"x2yds/4ply/bag, 36"x3yds/4ply/bag, 36"x4yds/4ply/bag, 36"x5yds/4ply/bag, 36"x6yds/4ply/bag, 36"x500yds/4ply/bag, 36"x1000yds/4ply/bag

  • Color: Available in unbleached and white options

  • Highly Absorbent and Lint-Free

  • Suitable for Food Grade Applications

  • Reusable and Environmentally Friendly

  • Non-Sterile

Cotton Cheese Cloth Application:

  • Cooking, baking, and canning

    Joy Crown's Cotton Cheese Cloth is manufactured with strict quality standards and environmentally conscious practices. It can be boiled and used in microwaves, and since it contains no toxic chemicals, it will not affect the taste or safety of your food.

    Cotton Cheese Cloth is ideal for straining, cleaning, polishing, dusting, waxing, and staining. Many professional chefs rely on our cheesecloth for cooking, basting, poaching, canning, straining, and keeping cheese moist.

    While it is commonly used for making cheese, it is also an invaluable resource for straining liquids and capturing solids in a wide range of recipes. Whether you're making homemade almond milk, infused oils, fresh fruit drinks, or even homemade ketchup, having cheesecloth on hand is essential.

  • Crafting, painting, and staining, including oiling and paint straining

  • Dusting, polishing, and cleaning tasks at home, in your car, or on your boat

  • Waxing and auto detailing

  • With hundreds of uses around the home, our Cotton Cheese Cloth is perfect for crafting and decorating projects such as creating ghosts and cobwebs for Halloween, making quick curtains for events and playhouses, and crafting attractive table centerpieces.


1pc/PE bag with cardboard. or according to the customer's requirements with OEM/ODM or Joy Crown printing.

Reference No/

Product Code



Unit Package

Outside/Carton Package

Carton Size


Cotton Cheese Cloth

40' s

19x8 or other gauze meshes

with OEM printing on bag or label

36” x 1yds-4ply

1 PC

288 PCS



36” x 2yds-4ply



36” x 3yds-4ply

144 PCS



36” x 4yds-4ply



36” x 5yds-4ply



36” x 6yds-4ply



36” x 500yds-4ply

1 Roll

2 Rolls



36” x 1,000yds-4ply




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