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Absorbent Gauze And Cotton Tissue BP 500g

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Joy Crown Medical Absorbent Gauze and Cotton Tissue BP 500G is a reliable single-use medical device designed to meet various wound dressing needs. This innovative product consists of a thick layer of absorbent cotton wool sandwiched between two layers of absorbent gauze. Our gauze and cotton tissue are ideal for use as a sterile dressing after surgical procedures or for wound dressing, protection, and support of joints and tendons, especially in the case of infected wounds.

Medical Gauze and Cotton Tissue is expertly folded into a long roll form and conveniently packed in either a plastic bag or blue kraft paper. Its high absorbency and superior quality make it a trusted choice for medical professionals. If you seek more information about our gauze and cotton products for medical use, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are committed to providing excellent service and support.

Key Features of Absorbent Gauze and Cotton Tissue:

  • Material: Highly absorbent medical-grade cotton wool enclosed in a gauze lining, ensuring superior performance for wound care.

  • Weight: Each roll weighs 500 GSM, delivering substantial absorbency for various medical applications.

  • Size: Available in two sizes: 30cm x 1.5m or 45cm x 1.5m, offering versatility and flexibility for different wound sizes and areas.

  • Meet BP Standard: Compliant with British Pharmacopoeia Standard, adherence to strict quality and safety guidelines.

  • Excellent for Padding, Insulation, and Dressing Wounds: Joy Crown's gauze and cotton tissue provides exceptional cushioning, insulation, and protection for wounds and surgical sites.

  • Non-Sterile or Sterile: You can choose between non-sterile or sterile options, based on your specific medical requirements.

  • Shelf Life: 5 years, ensuring lasting usability and reliability.

Application of Gauze & Cotton Tissue:

Joy Crown's Medical Gauze and Cotton Tissue find versatile applications in clinics, hospitals, and operating rooms. The combined dressing roll can be easily cut and adapted to different sizes, catering to diverse medical needs. The absorbent gauze and cotton tissue are particularly effective for medium to heavy exuding wounds, providing superior protection against infections.

Medical Absorbent Gauze and Cotton Tissue BP 500G for your wound care needs. Our product's exceptional absorbency, quality, and user-friendly design make it an indispensable addition to any medical setting, ensuring effective and reliable wound management.

Packing: Individual pack with craft paper or in plastic bag with OEM or Joy Crown Brand Printing.

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Medical Gauze and Cotton Tissue

High Absorbent

500 GSM

30CM X 1.5M

1 Roll

10 Rolls


500 GSM

45CM X 1.5M

100 Rolls

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