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Absorbent Cotton Wool

  • Joy Crown or Customers’ Private Brands

  • JC02001


Absorbent Cotton Wool

your trusted medical-grade solution for wound care and cleaning procedures

Joy Crown absorbent cotton wool is made from 100% natural fibers and has versatile applications in wound care and skin treatments, offering exceptional absorbency and versatility in various healthcare settings.

Cotton wool is known for its softness, lightweight nature, and comfortable feel, making it ideal for delicate treatments such as wound dressing, swabbing, and cleaning. Its high absorbency rate ensures effective absorption of exudates, promoting a clean and hygienic environment for optimal healing.

Features and Benefits of Absorbent Cotton Wool:

1. Material

100% bleached absorbent cotton, ensuring its purity and safety.

2. H2O2 Bleached

Bleached using a non-chlorine process, free of any optical brighteners, for a natural and clean product.

3. 5-year Shelf Life

Maintain quality over an extended period.

4. Various Sizes

We offer a range of sizes to cater to different needs, including 25g, 50g, 100g, 150g, 200g, 250g, 400g, 454g, 500g, and 1000g.

5. With or Without Interleave Paper

Choose the option that suits your preferences and requirements.

6. Non-Cutted Edge or Cutted Edge

Select the type of cotton wool roll that best fits your intended use.

7. Quality Standards

Complies with the BP 2019 and USP-NF Standard, meeting the stringent requirements of the medical industry.

8. Versatile Applications

It can be used for absorption of exudates, peripheral wound cleaning, and supporting product application on the skin.

Experience the exceptional performance of Joy Crown Absorbent Cotton Wool. Our commitment to meeting industry standards ensures that our product provides effective and reliable wound care solutions. At Joy Crown, we take pride in delivering high-quality Absorbent Cotton Wool since 2009, offering professional products and services that have earned the trust of world-famous enterprises.

Packing: individual pack with craft paper or in PE bag with OEM or Joy Crown Brand Printing.

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50 GRM

1 Roll

400 Rolls


100 GRM

100 Rolls


200 GRM

50 Rolls


250 GRM

50 Rolls


500 GRM

25 Rolls


1000 GRM

20 Rolls


25 GRM

800 Rolls


150 GRM

100 Rolls


400 GRM

25 Rolls


454 GRM

25 Rolls


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