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Tack Cloth

  • Joy Crown or Customers’ Private Brands

  • JC01016


Joy Crown Tack Cloth

- the perfect companion for professional painters, woodworkers, auto owners

Tack Cloth, also known as tack rag, tack rag cloth, or cotton gauze tack cloth for paint, is specially designed to remove dust, dirt, and lint from surfaces that require painting, coating, laminating, photo-etching, or finishing. Made from 100% cotton fabric with a weave of 27 to 44 yarns per square inch, our tack cloth offers exceptional quality and performance.

Joy Crown's Tack Cloth is highly efficient at eliminating contaminants, ensuring a smooth and dust-free finish. The cloth features an anti-static and non-toxic resin system, derived from petroleum, such as solvents, water-based, or hot melt (commonly used in North America). With its impressive lint-free properties, our tack cloth guarantees a mirror-smooth surface.

Key Features of Tack Cloth:

  • Material: 100% cotton fabric

  • Cotton Yarn: 40's cotton yarn

  • Gauze Mesh: 19x8, 19x15, 20x12, 20x24, 28x16, and more

  • Use to clean surfaces, nooks, and crannies in preparation for paint or stain application

  • Removes dust and fine particles effectively

  • Compatible with all paints

  • Simply open the cloth fully, bunch together, and gently wipe the surface before each coat of finish

  • Anti-static and non-toxic

  • Free of wax, silicones, and solvents

  • Available in white, yellow, and blue colors

  • It is available in standard sizes of 18 inches by 36 inches in North America, and other sizes depending on your location.

Tack Cloth Application:

Our Tack Cloth is specifically designed for professional use. Its soft and absorbent cotton fabric, combined with a weave of up to 44 yarns per square inch, ensures excellent performance. The cloth is pre-treated with a special tacky material that captures and holds onto dust, dirt, and lint particles.

Thanks to its anti-static properties, our Tack Cloth is ideal for environments where electrically charged particles need to be eliminated. You can trust that our cloth is free of wax, silicones, and solvents, ensuring a contaminant-free surface. Use our Tack Cloth to clean surfaces, including those hard-to-reach areas, before painting, coating, laminating, or finishing. Its ability to effectively capture loose particles guarantees a thoroughly clean and dust-free surface.

Our professional-grade Tack Cloth is frequently used in car painting and varnishing applications. It is manufactured to the highest quality standards, ensuring the perfect amount of bonding. With our cloth, you can achieve optimal results without worrying about invisible residues or leftover pollutants. It is suitable for use with water-based and solvent-based paints, varnishes, and stains. Simply open the cloth fully, bunch it together, and gently wipe the surface before each coat of finish.


For best results, discard the cloth after it becomes heavily soiled, as it is designed for single use.


OEM/ODM or Joy Crown printing, 20boxes/carton. Or 1pc/polybag, 600 pcs/carton.

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Tack Cloth, 40’s, 19x8

18” x 36”

1pc/bag, 10bags/box






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