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Silk Medical Tape: Ensuring Secure and Comfortable Wound Dressing in the Middle East and Southeast Asian

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Silk Medical Tape: Ensuring Secure and Comfortable Wound Dressing in the Middle East and Southeast Asian

In developing wound care, the need for reliable medical products remains constant. They heal the process while ensuring patient comfort. The use of medical dressing in daily life is common, and people more focus on quality. For people living in tropical climates, they have extra requirements for using daily medical dressings. Silk medical tape is a vital part of secure and comfortable wound dressing solutions.

In this blog, we discuss:

  • Challenges and Responses of wound dressings in tropical climates

  • The importance of silk medical tape for securing wound dressings in the Middle East and Southeast Asia

  • The unique advantages of Silk Medical Tape and Durapore Tape

  • How Joy Crown Silk Medical Tape Satisfy Local Requirements

1. Challenges and Responses of wound dressings in tropical climates

Wound care in tropical climates faces extra challenges, primarily resulting from high temperatures, high humidity, and various diseases and biological factors.

Here are some of the main challenges:

High temperature and high humidity

Tropical climate is usually accompanied by high temperature and high humidity, which may cause the skin around the wound to constantly sweat, increasing the risk of infection. A moist environment helps bacteria multiply, making wounds susceptible to infection.

Bacterial and fungal infections

Tropical areas are often home to many bacteria and fungi, which may enter wounds and cause infections. The hot and humid climate provides ideal growth conditions for these microorganisms, making wound healing more difficult.

Plant irritation and toxicity

Some plants in tropical areas may be irritating or toxic, and contact with wounds may cause inflammation and pain, and even increase the risk of infection.

Skin problems

Sustained high temperatures and humidity may cause skin softening, erosion, and itching, which may cause problems in the wound healing process. Skin problems may also affect the quality of wound healing.

Drug stability

High temperature and humidity may affect the stability of drugs, including antibiotics, antibacterial drugs, and topical ointments. This may reduce the effectiveness of the medication and make wound care more difficult.

Faced with these challenges, wound care in tropical climates requires special strategies and considerations. This may include changing dressings regularly, keeping wounds dry, using antimicrobials to prevent infection, taking steps to prevent the spread of insect-borne diseases, paying attention to skin health, and ensuring good hygiene in medical facilities and equipment.

2. The importance of silk medical tape for securing wound dressings in the Middle East and Southeast Asia

The importance of medical tape in securing wound dressings in the Middle East and Southeast Asia is similar to other regions, but there are some special circumstances that may increase its importance. Here are some reasons:

  • High temperature and humidity: The climate in the Middle East and Southeast Asia is usually hot and humid, which makes wounds more susceptible to infection. Surgical tape can help keep wounds dry and clean, reducing the risk of infection.

  • Prevent contamination: These areas may have more dust, bacteria, and other sources of pollution. Surgical tape can be used to cover the wound to prevent external pollutants from entering the wound.

  • Poor medical facilities: Some areas may lack advanced medical facilities and resources, so medical tape can be used as a temporary wound treatment method to protect the wound from further damage.

  • Provides comfort and mobility: Medical tape can be used to secure dressings to keep them in the correct position, while also ensuring that patients maintain appropriate mobility during recovery. This is critical for wound healing and patient comfort.

The importance of medical silk tape in the Middle East and Southeast Asia region is primarily due to its ability to help keep wounds clean, reduce the risk of infection, prevent contamination, and provide comfort and mobility to patients. These factors are particularly important in areas with limited climatic conditions and medical resources

3. The unique advantages of Silk Medical Tape and Durapore Tape

Silk medical tape and durapore tape, are commonly used as surgical tapes in the Middle East and Southeast Asia. That is because of their unique advantages:

Silk Medical Tape

  • Comfort and adaptability

    Silk surgical tape is usually soft and has good stretchability, suitable for conforming to irregular wound shapes. This is important for use on the patient's joints and curves as it adapts better to the shape of the body.

  • Breathability

    Silk material is relatively breathable, which helps the skin around the wound breathe and reduces the risk of skin eczema and allergic reactions, which is even more important in hot and humid climates.

  • Stickiness and fixation

    Silk surgical tape with good stickiness can reliably fix wound dressings and is not easy to fall off, which is very useful for keeping wounds clean in high temperature and high humidity environments.

Durapore Tape

  • Strength and durability

    Durapore surgical tape is a stronger and more durable tape, suitable for wounds that require more support. This is useful for long-term immobilization of wounds or wounds that require extra protection.

  • Humidity tolerance

    The adhesive properties of Durapore tape remain stable in humid environments, which makes it more reliable in high-humidity areas.

  • Waterproof performance

    Durapore surgical tape usually has a certain waterproof performance and can be used when the wound needs to be kept dry, which is especially useful in climates with high temperatures and humidity.

Silk medical tape excels in adaptability and comfort, while durapore surgical tape excels in strength, durability, and moisture tolerance. In the unique climate conditions of these regions, medical professionals can choose the appropriate tape type based on the specific situation to ensure that wounds are well-managed and secured. However, it is always recommended to choose the appropriate medical tape based on the specific needs of the patient and the advice of the medical professional.

4. How Joy Crown Silk Medical Tape Satisfy Local Requirements

Product Range

Our silk surgical tape is available in various sizes and options to meet the different requirements of healthcare professionals. Product Catalog No. is JC05005. Based on the needs of the Middle East and Southeast Asia markets, we offer Durapore tape in different sizes and packaging as follows:

  • For hospitals and clinics

    Simple packaging: width is 1.25CM, 2.5CM, 5CM, 7.5CM,10CM, length is 5CM, 10 yards. 24/12/6 rolls per box, 30 boxes/carton. We can also produce in different widths and lengths silk tape according to customers' special requirements.

  • For local pharmacies and supermarkets

    At the same time, we provide more complete packaging. Each roll of silk medical tape is packed by a red spool and a red cover with OEM printing. Such packaging can make our medical tapes last longer. Long-lasting, better protects the quality of our tape, while also making it easy for users to carry and use.

Quality Practices of Joy Crown Silk Medical Tapes

In August 2023, sales of Shanghai Joy Crown Industry Co., Ltd. visited Philippines customers and participated in the Phil Medical Expo 2023. During this period, we visited several local hospitals and discussed the quality of the medical tape produced by our company with local doctors and nurses. According to the doctors' and nurses' introduction, 3M durapore surgical tapes are basically used in local hospitals. It well meets the high stickiness, durability, breathability, and waterproof properties required under high temperatures and high humidity.

The doctors carefully check the quality of Joy Crown silk medical tape and confirm it is consistent with the quality of the popular 3M durapore surgical tape in the local market. Our silk medical tape has good comfort and long-lasting high stickiness. Since we use high quality non-latex silk material and acrylic adhesive, Joy Crown’s silk surgical tape is breathable and waterproof, reducing the risk of skin eczema and allergic reactions for patients.

Joy Crown has focused on Class I and Class II wound dressing supplying since 2009, more than silk medical tapes. All products meet international standards, including ISO13485/CE certificates, BP2019, and USP-NF. If you are interested in any further information, please free to contact us.

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