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Online Seminars successfully held between Shanghai Joy Crown Industry Co., Ltd. And Italian MicroBio Lab

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Online meetings have been successfully held on March and June 9th, 2023 by Shanghai Joy Crown Industry Co., Ltd. and Italian MicroBio Lab.

Project Dr. Firas Diban of MicroBio Lab meeting GM Kelvin Yu of Shanghai Joy Crown

On June 9th, 2023, Dr. Firas Diban from MicroBio Lab made a presentation on the topic of biofilm adapting in the chronic wound management…..Mr. Kelvin Yu, the GM of Shanghai Joy Crown introduced the situation and environment of the workshops and production lines. The parties discussed about the practicability and operability of this new technology, and the production requirements.

This project aims to test innovative non antibiotic compounds, techniques or methods to overcome the microbial colonization of the chronic wound. In the last meeting, Dr. Firsa Diban presented their published results about Capparis Spinose extract activity against the chronic wound microorganisms (P. aeruginosa, S. aureus, Candida spp).

Of course, Dr. Firas Diban will present in the next meetings other published researches that include other methods or compounds and their antimicrobial activity.

Regarding LCWB, It is an in vitro recognized model to study the effect of biocides against the bacteria that colonize the chronic wound. In the LCWB it is reproduced the spatial distribution bacteria in a real chronic wound.

First Aid Bandage3

Regarding the last point, of course, both parties hope that the research will lead to the realization of a suitable medical device to deliver the studied antimicrobials to the wound bed. These suitable medical devices will be advanced functional wound dressings, which combine plant extracts that can kill bacteria on medical wound dressings, such as JOY CROWN medical bandages, medical gauze, etc.

The two parties will have third meeting some times in July this year.

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