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Shanghai Joy Crown Industry Co., Ltd and Italy LH Company launched a medical innovation project.

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Shanghai Joy Crown Industry Co., Ltd and Italy LH Company launched a medical innovation project.

On 12th April, 2021, Shanghai Joy Crown Industry Co., Ltd developed a medical Innovation Project with Italian company LH. S.r.l. and G. d’Annunzio” University of ChietiPescara Via dei Vestini, 31 Chieti – Italy.


Wounds that do not respond normally to treatments after four weeks or that do not heal completely within two months are defined as chronic, constituting a silent epidemic problem affecting billions of people worldwide (Silva JR, Burger B, Kühl CMC, Candreva T, Dos Anjos MBP, Rodrigues HG. Wound healing and omega-6 fatty acids: from inflammation to repair. Med. Inflamm. 2018, 1–17). The management of chronic wounds, therefore, takes on complex characteristics due to the persistence of antimicrobial-resistant pathogenic microorganisms (AMR), capable of forming mono-poly microbial biofilms and extremely difficult to eradicate (Bessa LJ, Fazii P, Di Giulio M, Cellini L. Bacterial isolates from infected wounds and their antibiotic susceptibility pattern: some remarks about wound infection. Int Wound J. 2015,12 (1).

The phenomenon of antibiotic resistance is defined by WHO as one of the greatest threats to health due to the epidemiological and economic impact.


This project is based on well-defined lines of research and development for the creation of innovative products aimed at improving the level of healing of chronic wounds. To this end, the specific project objectives are:

i) Characterization of etiologically relevant pathogenic AMR microorganisms isolated in the sites of chronic wounds and identification of new biocides effective against them;

ii) development of advanced medical devices capable of improving the bioavailability of the biocide, promoting wound healing.

The project is set up in the context of the investigation of innovative biotechnological approaches to be used for the diagnosis and treatment of chronic wounds associated with AMR pathogens that are difficult to treat.

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