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Non Woven Apron

Non Woven Apron, is also named Disposable Non Woven Medical Apron, made of non-woven 100% spun bond polypropylene (SBPP), PP+PE, SMS to seal the surface and provide protection from fluids. Non Woven Apron is Non-toxic, no odor, and it does not irritate the skin. Joy Crown disposable non woven medical aprons have unique design with an adjustable waist strap for the most suitable length. Our Non Woven Disposable Apron has long ties that can be easily altered to fit most sizes. It covers from chest to knee provides great coverage and protection from blood, fluid, kitchen grease, spills and food stains.

The disposable non woven protective apron is intended mainly for healthcare professionals. The product belongs to the personal protective equipment of category I. It is suitable for Doctors, Nurses, Health care professionals, Diagnostic Laboratory Professionals, Physical chemical and biological laboratory professionals, and Students.
  • Joy Crown or Customers’ Private Brands

  • JC03024-1


JC03021-1 Disposable Non Woven Apron


  • Material: 100% spun bond polypropylene (SBPP), PP+PE, SMS

  • Weight: 18~60grams

  • Size: 70cm x 115cm, 72cm x 118cm, 80cm x 130cm, 85cm x 145cm, etc

  • Color: Blue, Green, White, Red, etc

  • With two ties on back

  • With punched neck opening and two punched bands

  • 100% Eco-Friendly

  • Anti-static, Superior breathable

  • Water and Blood Resistance, Anti-oil

  • Latex-Free

  • Protection and Hygiene for Personnel

  • Non Sterile, Single Use


  • Used In Hospitals, Clinics, Beauty Parlors, Housekeeping, Cleaning, Hair Color/Dye, Home, Office, Factories, Hotels, Bakery, Canteens, Spa'S, Sweet Shops, Etc

Package: Non sterile, 10pcs/polybag with OEM or Joy Crown printing label, 100pcs/carton.

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Outside/Carton Package


Disposable Non Woven   Apron, different grams, different colors, size: 70cm x 110cm, 10pcs/bag, non sterile.  

70cm x 110cm


100 pcs


Disposable Non Woven   Apron, different grams, different colors, size: 72cm x 118cm, 10pcs/bag, non sterile.  

72cm x 118cm


100 pcs


Disposable Non Woven   Apron, different grams, different colors, size: 80cm x 130cm, 10pcs/bag, non sterile.  

80cm x 130cm


100 pcs


Disposable Non Woven   Apron, different grams, different colors, size: 85cm x 145m, 10pcs/bag, non sterile.  

85cm x 145cm


100 pcs

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