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Lap Sponge Production Technology Innovation and Safety Performance Improvement

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Lap Sponges are medical dressings commonly used in surgery to absorb blood and other body fluids, widely used in hospitals. They are mainly used to absorb blood in the abdominal cavity during surgery, so they are also called abdominal pads. Laparotomy Sponges are made of 100% cotton absorbent gauze, feature high absorbency.

This article will introduce in detail the technological innovation and safety performance improvement of our lap sponge production.

Here are the main points of the article:

  • The Origin and History of Lap Sponges

  • Traditional abdominal pad production process and process

  • Laparotomy Sponge production technology innovation

  • Improvement of safety performance of abdominal pad products

Origin and history of Lap Sponge

Although the exact origin cannot be determined, the practice of using materials and instruments similar to the modern lap sponge dates back to ancient times. In ancient Greece and Rome, doctors might use cotton or other absorbable materials to control bleeding and keep the surgical field clean. In the second half of the 20th century, with the development of the medical device industry and technological progress, the design and performance of lap sponges were improved, and the application of abdominal pads in the medical industry developed rapidly. In the late 1980s, with the global industry chain shifted from west to east, and the production of American medical abdominal pads was gradually transferred to factories in mainland China. The earliest production of American medical abdominal pads began at the Shaoxing Xinjian Cloth Factory, and gradually spread to most of the medical gauze manufacturers in China.

Traditional abdominal pad production process and process

In the past half a century, the production process of abdominal pads has been cutting the bleached medical gauze, folding it into the required specifications and sizes by hand, and then sewing abdominal pads by workers with sewing machine, and finally washing them with semi-automatic methods. The abdominal pad is washed with water to achieve better blood-sucking effect. This production process and engineering has been used until now.

Traditional lap sponge production technology and engineering require a large number of workers to produce abdominal pads, which cannot improve the productivity and output of abdominal pads. At the same time, due to the large amount of labor used in the production process, there may be defects in product performance and quality. For example, during the production process Human hair or other foreign objects that falls into the abdominal pads. There is a certain risk to product quality and performance. At the same time, because the sewing machine is used in the production process of the abdominal pad, the sewing needle may fall inside the abdominal pad product, and there is no conduct metal detection on the final packaged abdominal pads. There are certain risks in the quality and safety performance of such abdominal pad products.

Laparotomy Sponge production technology innovation

With the innovation of medical product production technology, Shanghai Joy Crown Industrial Co., Ltd. adopts advanced production technology and equipment for abdominal pads. Lap Sponge are folded, cut and sewn with integrated advanced production equipment for production. Thereby greatly increasing the output of abdominal pads, but also improving product consistency and precision, and reducing the risk of human error

Please see the following production equipment and process:

Improve the safety performance of abdominal pad products

Strict quality control measures are the key to ensure the safety and performance of abdominal pads. Joy Crown has established a strict quality management system and has taken measures to monitor key parameters in the production process to ensure that products meet quality standards and specifications. At the same time, we have introduced the production process of the garment industry, adopted needle inspection technology and equipment, and inspected the final packaged abdominal pads with a needle inspection machine to ensure that each abdominal pad has no sewing needles or other metal impurities into the product.

At the same time, we use fully automatic washing equipment to pre-wash the lap sponge to improve the washing speed and ensure product quality.

Fully automatic washing process:

Through the above-mentioned production technology innovations and measures, the safety performance of our lap sponge can be greatly improved, thereby reducing the possibility of infection and other risks for patients during the operation. At the same time, the productivity of our abdominal pad has been greatly improved, which greatly reduces the production cost and increases the production volume, ensuring the most economical abdominal pad price and fast delivery time for customers.

It is worth noting that correct use and operation is still the key to ensuring product safety, and medical personnel need to follow correct operating procedures and guidance.

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