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Introduction to Surgical Silk Tape

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Introduction to Surgical Silk Tape

Silk-like general-purpose surgical tape is suitable for the fixation of various heavy dressings; fixation of tracheal tubes and other surgical drains; fixation of nasogastric tubes and urinary catheters; local pressure dressing after catheterization and biopsy; fixation of orthopedic splints; fixation of infusion splints. Next, let's take a look at Surgical Silk Tape.

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l Surgical Silk Tape plays a vital role.

l How to use Surgical Silk Tape.

l How do I remove traces of Surgical Silk Tape?

Surgical Silk Tape plays a vital role.

Surgical Silk Tape is a convenient tape for many people in real life because it is a medical tape, so its components are not harmful to the body, zinc oxide, a medical adhesive as the main raw material, is used as a protective layer of release paper and other components. These components play a vital role in making the tape a good experience for many people, especially the medical adhesive. Surgical Silk Tape is a soft and thin material with very good adhesion and adherence, which enables it to fit the patient's injured area to the maximum extent and prevent the consequences of easy dislodgement after bandaging; it also has a special adhesive function, as well as hemostatic and adhesive effects, and is highly recognized in clinical practice and has a high status in the field of Durapore Silk Cloth Hypoallergenic Tape. This is why it is also used in a wide range of applications, in the fields of general surgery, laparoscopy, neurosurgery, cardiothoracic, gynecology and obstetrics, urology, and orthopedics, and is very effective. This is a clinically proven result and can be used with confidence.

How to use Surgical Silk Tape.

Surgical Silk Tape is a soft, lightweight material with excellent adhesion and adherence to the patient's wounded area, preventing it from falling off easily after dressing. Before dressing the patient with Surgical Silk Tape, the wound should be carefully disinfected to prevent re-infection of the wound with impurities and to slow down the healing process. Afterward, the area is wiped clean and kept dry. Next, wrap the Medical Cloth Silk Adhesive Tape around the wounded area in a spiral pattern, wrapping it around the wounded area more often if it is under greater pressure or if the bones are thin, making sure that it is as tight as possible to the skin so that it does not fall off afterward and cause unnecessary problems. If you have purchased Surgical Silk Tape, do not use it all at once or store it in an airtight container after use to prevent it from becoming infected with foreign bacteria.

How do I remove traces of Surgical Silk Tape?

Many people who use Surgical Silk Tape may experience a sticky mark on the bare skin where the tape was applied after removing it. If you have any traces of Surgical Silk Tape on your skin, you can easily remove it by rubbing it with alcohol or petrol and then scrubbing it with soapy water.

Do you want to know more about Surgical Silk Tape? If you work with Surgical Silk Tape or would like to know more about our company, you can talk to us on the website. Our cost-effective products are very popular with everyone.

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