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How to use Butterfly Bandage

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How to use Butterfly Bandage

Butterfly Bandage is one of common primary wound dressing, which is designed to help protect and secure small wounds. Butterfly Band Aids get their name because they have a narrow non-adhesive area in the center and adhesive wider sides, making them look like a butterfly. They are also called “butterfly stitches” or “wound closure strips.” Butterfly Stitches can be advantageous in that they do not need a medical professional to be placed or removed, and are thus a common item in first aid kits at home or travelling. Let’s take a look at how to use Butterfly Bandage.

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l How to use Butterfly Bandage?

l What are the Butterfly Bandage Features and Benefits?

How to use Butterfly Bandage

Close and secure small cuts and incisions with these butterfly closures to avoid stitches for minor cuts. Each strip is designed to hold the skin tightly together without sticking to the wound itself to promote a faster healing time.

How to use butterfly bandage?

1. Clean the wound

The first step in wound care is cleaning the wound.

Wash your hands.

Use cool and clean water to rinse your cut, flushing out dirt and debris.

Gently clean the skin around the cut with soap and water and then dry the area. The butterfly wound closures will stick better on clean, dry skin.

2. Close the wound

The next step is applying the butterfly stitches

Open the outer packaging of the butterfly bandage, tear open the separate sealed paper bag, and remove tabs from each closure wing. Apply one wing section on one side of wound with nonstick center directly over the wound. Without pulling the skin apply the other wing on the other side of the wound. And press the adhesive edge of the butterfly closures tightly so that the seam-free tape is firmly attached to the wound.

3. Keep the area clean

Keep the area dry for the first 48 hours.

After 48 hours, keep the area dry except for showering or washing.

4. Change the wound dressing

Change the wound dressing every 3 days or as directed by your health care professional. If healing does not progress in one week consult your health care provider.

WARNINGS: For medical emergencies, please seek professional help. In case of deep or puncture wounds, or serious burns, consult a physician. If irritation or redness develops or persist, discontinue use and consult your healthcare provider. STERILE Unless package is damaged or open.

What are the Butterfly Bandage Features and Benefits?

Butterfly Band Aids are an alternative to traditional needle and thread sutures, which are useful in cases that a wound is large, uneven, or bleeding heavily. Some traditional adhesive bandages have trouble sticking to parts of the body that move a lot or are moist or hairy. The butterfly bandage is a good alternative for areas of the body that are more difficult to bandage.

Features and Benefits:

l Place pad on wound, fold over fingertip, and wrap side to secure in place

l Rapid hemostasis, wound protection, breathable and waterproof, low sensitivity to skin

l It has protective film, which will not cause secondary injury to the wound

l Suitable for multiple body parts, fingertip wound, joint wound, ordinary wound

l Necessary for home, indoor activities, outdoor sports, accidental injury, travel

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