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Dressing Pack Set

  • Joy Crown or Customers’ Private Brands

  • JC10002


Dressing pack set, also known as surgical dressing kits or dressing tray sets. Designed for rapid response in critical situations, this set empowers medical professionals with a comprehensive assortment of disposable materials essential for emergency wound care.

All Joy Crown dressing pack sets are ISO13485, CE0197, and US FDA certificated.

  • Size:17.2x9.8x5cm

  • Dressing Pack Set contains:

       a) 2 round Gallipot 120ml (PP)

       b) 4 cotton balls

       c) 4 gauze swab 7.5x7.5cm

       d) 2 anatomic forceps blue

       e) 1 enveloping blue drape 40x40cm

       f) 1 Pair of gloves

       g) 1 Plastic Bag

       h) 1 Integral Gallipot Tray

The whole dressing set is wrapped in one single sterile pack.

Essential Components for Complete Wound Care

Our dressing pack sets contain crucial components to facilitate meticulous wound cleaning, treatment, and dressing. From round Gallipot containers to gauze swabs, cotton balls, surgical drapes, gloves, and disposable waste bags, every element has been carefully chosen to offer a seamless and hygienic wound care process.

Customized Dressing Pack Set to Different Needs

Whether it's a minor injury or a critical situation, this comprehensive set ensures that medical staff are well-equipped to address various dressing needs effectively.

Available in small, medium, and large size for diverse wound care requirements. These sets are thoughtfully curated to encompass all necessary sterile supplies, enabling medical professionals to conduct thorough and effective wound dressing procedures.

Rigorous Sterilization for Safety

Each dressing pack set undergoes meticulous sterilization using ETO or Gamma Radiation, ensuring a contamination-free environment for every application. The set includes a pair of usable anatomic forceps with a center lock, guaranteeing secure handling throughout the dressing process.


A disposable yellow or red waste bag with a tie wrap is thoughtfully included in the set, allowing for easy and hygienic containment of used materials. This facilitates seamless disposal and minimizes the risk of contamination.


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Dressing Pack Set

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