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Car First Aid Kit

  • Joy Crown or Customers’ Private Brands

  • JC10004


Also known as the emergency medical kit for cars or vehicle first aid kit, the car first aid kit is your trusty companion for on-the-go safety.

Design of Our Car First Aid Kit

Joy Crown car first aid kit is designed for the motorist, able to fit conveniently under the front seat of your car or snugly in the glove box. With its compact design, users are always equipped with essential medical supplies when they're out and about.

Compliance and Safety

Our vehicle safety first aid kits adhere to the rigorous standards set by BS 8599-2:2014 and EU regulations. With the CE/ISO13485 and FDA certifications that our first aid kits proudly carry, you can trust in their quality and effectiveness.

All components of our Car First Aid Kit undergo thorough sterilization through ETO or Gamma Radiation, ensuring that you receive sterile and effective supplies.

Joy Crown Car First Aid Kit Items

Inside our car safety kit, you'll find an assortment of essential medical supplies thoughtfully curated to keep you safe and secure during your travels. From bandages and dressings to swabs and scissors, our kit covers all your needs. The supplies come neatly organized in a soft yet durable nylon pouch for easy access and longevity.


4 x Sterile fasten Bandage, 10cmx5m

2 x Sterile fasten Bandage, 5cmx5m

2 x Sterile cut sheets, 6cmx6cm

4 x Cutted gauze bandage, 10cmx5m, 4pcs/pack label

3 x Sterile cut folded gauze, 50cmx80cm

4 x Alcohol Prep Pad

1 x PE gloves, in pair, individual pack label

2 x Triangular bandage, individual pack label

4 x Safety pins, pack label

1 x ZOP, 1.25cmx5m, with label

1 x Scissor stainless steel, 11-15cm, pack label

2 x ZOP plaster with island, 6cmx10cm, 2pcs/pack label

1 x First Aid Kit Instruction Guide

1 x Durable nylon bag

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