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Cohesive Conforming Bandage

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Experience gentle support and comfort with

Joy Crown Latex Free Absorbent Cohesive Conforming Gauze Bandage

Crafted with a unique blend of soft gauze and cohesive fibers coated with synthetic glue, our cohesive conforming bandage is perfect for various medical needs. It is latex-free, chlorine-free, and acrylic-free, making it an ideal choice for patients with sensitivities or delicate skin.

Key Features of Cohesive Conforming Bandage:

  • Material: Made from a blend of 70% cotton, 26% PBT, and 4% spandex, with a synthetic glue coating.

  • Size:

    lengths (4m or 20m)

    widths (ranging from 2.5cm to 15cm)

    suit different applications.

  • Color: Classic white for a clean and professional appearance.

  • Elongation: Offers approximately 85% elongation for easy application and flexibility.

  • Cohesive and Elastic: The bandage adheres to itself, not to the skin or hair, providing gentle support and conform-ability.

  • Breathable and Skin-Friendly: The breathable fabric contains a high share of natural fibers, making it a skin-friendly alternative to tape, especially for patients with delicate or traumatized skin.

  • Ideal for Difficult Areas: Designed for use on joints, conical or rounded parts of the body, and other hard-to-dress areas.

  • Easy to Apply and Remove: The self-adhesive property allows for easy unrolling and fast application. The dressing is also easy to remove even after extended wear.

  • Firm Selvedges: The bandage features firm selvages that prevent fraying at the edges, ensuring durability and longevity.

  • Superior Cohesiveness: Adheres securely without pins, clips, or tape, minimizing the risk of rolling or constricting.

  • Single Use: Each bandage is intended for single use to maintain its optimal properties.

  • Latex Free, Chlorine-Free, and Acrylate-Free: Ensures safety and comfort for patients with sensitivities.

  • Non-Sterile: The bandages are non-sterile and for single-use purposes only.

  • Shelf Life: 2 years for lasting usability.

Application of Cohesive Conforming Bandage:

Ideal for first-aid dressing, secondary dressing, or retention bandage. It securely holds primary dressings, splints, I.V.s, leads, and catheters in place.

First-Aid Dressing: Suitable for first-aid applications to secure dressings in place and provide light absorption and support.

Secondary Dressing: Perfect for use as a secondary dressing to protect and support primary dressings.

Retention Bandage: Excellent for use as a retention bandage to hold splints, I.V.s, leads, and catheters securely.

Difficult Areas: Specifically designed for use on difficult-to-dress areas, such as joints, where conventional tape may not be suitable.

Packing: 1 Roll/Candy Bag with OEM/ODM or Joy Crown printing, 48/24/16/12/6 Rolls/Box. Or 1 Roll/Candy Bag with OEM/ODM or Joy Crown printing, 1 Roll/Individual Box Package.

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Unit Package


/Carton Package


Latex Free Absorbent 

Cohesive Conforming Gauze Bandage

non sterile

2.5cm (1”) x 4m(4.5 yards)

1   Roll/Candy Bag

48 Rolls/Box

or 1 Roll/Candy Bag

/Individual Box

576 Rolls


4cm x 4m(4.5   yards)

1 Roll/Candy Bag

24 Rolls/Box

or 1 Roll/Candy Bag

/Individual Box

288 Rolls


5cm (2”) x 4m(4.5 yards)


6cm x 4m(4.5   yards)


7.5cm (3”)   x 4m(4.5 yards)

1 Roll/Candy Bag

16 Rolls/Box

or 1 Roll/Candy Bag

/Individual Box

256 Rolls


8cm x 4m(4.5   yards)


10cm (4”)   x 4m(4.5 yards)

192 Rolls


12cm x 4m(4.5   yards)

1 Roll/Candy Bag

12 Rolls/Box

or 1 Roll/Candy Bag

/Individual Box

144 Rolls


14cm x 4m(4.5   yards)

96 Rolls


15cm (6”) x   4m(4.5 yards)


10cm (4”)   x 20m

1 Roll/Candy Bag

/Individual Box

48 Rolls

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