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Short Stretch Compression Bandage For Lymphedema

  • Joy Crown or Customers’ Private Brands

  • JC040021


Short Stretch Bandages for Lymphedema

the ideal solution for creating the outer layer of a multi-layer compression bandaging therapy system

Joy Crown Short Stretch Bandages for Lymphedema, known as the pure cotton elastic bandage, is 100% cotton with a twist, plain weave, and woven sides. The fabric weighs approximately 172g/m2 and has a 180% elongation. These bandages provide powerful compression with high resistance to stretching, retaining up to 80% of their initial length when extended.

Joy Crown Short Stretch Compression Bandages For Lymphedema are machine washable and reusable, providing an affordable solution for lymphedema, swelling, venous edema, and post-traumatic swelling. The woven textured structure of the bandage offers powerful compression and high working pressure, combined with low resting pressure, making it ideal for these conditions. It is often used in conjunction with foam padding or stockinettes to enhance lymphedema therapy effectiveness.

Conform perfectly to the shape of your extremities and deliver powerful compression. They are designed to maintain sustained pressure, promoting lymphatic drainage even during rest periods. Additionally, the skin or beige color ensures seamless blending with your skin tone. With various widths and lengths available, finding the perfect fit is effortless.

As one of the most professional Short Stretch Compression Bandage manufacturers and suppliers in China, we take immense pride in offering tailored Short-stretch bandage solutions to meet your specific needs. Our products have garnered recognition in various European markets, including France, Italy, the UK, as well as the US market. With ISO13485, CE, and FDA certificates, you can rely on the superior quality of our products. For unmatched short-stretch compression bandages, Joy Crown is your ultimate choice!

Short Stretch Bandages for Lymphedema Features:

  • Material: Pure cotton with high-quality yarn, twisted, and woven for air-permeability and skin-friendliness

  • Weight: 172 ± 7 grams

  • Size: Length (Stretched): 5mts/10mts; Width: 5cm, 6cm, 7.5cm, 8cm, 10cm, 12cm, 15cm ± 0.2cm

  • Textured woven fabric structure for firm and long-lasting compression bandaging

  • Lengthwise extensibility of approximately 80%, creating high working and low resting pressure to promote lymphatic fluid movement

  • High cotton content and latex-free, ensuring exceptional skin-friendliness

  • Machine washable for easy cleaning and reusability

  • Economical for individuals with venous edema, lymphedema, and post-traumatic swelling

  • Color: Skin Color or Beige Color

  • Non Sterile

Short Stretch Bandages for Lymphedema Application:

The Joy Crown short stretch compression bandage is versatile and can be used for managing chronic and acute lymphedema, venous edema, and other venous conditions. It is particularly effective for vascular insufficiency, as its tight weave functions like a calf muscle, aiding in pumping blood and lymph toward the heart. Hence, it is a popular and efficient choice for low-stretch medical bandaging. Trust Joy Crown for unmatched short stretch bandages for lymphedema and experience top-notch quality and performance for your medical needs.

Packing: OEM/ODM or Joy Crown printing, with one instruction label inside.

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Unit Package

Outside/Carton Package


Short Stretch Compression Bandage For Lymphedema

5CM X 5M

1 Roll/Candy   Bag/Box

360 Boxes


6CM X 5M

300 Boxes


7.5CM X 5M

240 Boxes


8CM X 5M

200 Boxes


10CM X 5M

180 Boxes


12CM X 5M

150 Boxes


15CM X 5M

120 Boxes


5CM X 10M

360 Boxes


6CM X 10M

300 Boxes


7.5CM X 10M

240 Boxes


8CM X 10M

200 Boxes


10CM X 10M

180 Boxes


12CM X 10M

150 Boxes


15CM X 10M

120 Boxes

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