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4 Benefits of Kinesiology Tape

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4 Benefits of Kinesiology Tape

While Kinesiology Tapes have been around for years, they've gotten a lot of attention lately, as famous athletes have started using the technique to deal with injuries and support their training. For example, "star athletes" and Olympians including David Beckham, Lance Armstrong, Selena Williams, and Kerry Walsh have used Kinesiology Tape and have spoken about its effects on the human body benefit. Next, let's take a look at the 4 advantages of Kinesiology Tape.

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l Kinesiology Tape may help reduce pain from an injury.

l Kinesiology Tape does not severely limit circulation or range of motion.

l Kinesiology Tape helps reduce low back pain.

l Kinesiology Tape may help treat running injuries.

Kinesiology Tape may help reduce pain from an injury.

As Dr. Kase explained in an interview, "The pain sensor is between the epidermis and the dermis, the first and second layers of the skin, so I think if I put tape on the pain, it lifts the epidermis a little bit. up and leave space between the two layers.” Kinesiology Tape even feels similar to human skin because it is thin, soft, and stretchy. It is made of very thin elastic fabric, usually 100% cotton, which allows the skin to breathe easier than many other tapes or straps.

Kinesiology Tape allows more movement and is less rigid than traditional tape, plus it reduces swelling due to aiding in skin drainage. This tape is made from a unique material that the material uses body heat to bond to the skin. Compared to other tapes, Elastic Therapeutic Tape is made of a more elastic and flexible material, which helps it adhere to the patient's skin, gently "pulling" without causing pain. This helps stimulate blood flow to the affected area throughout the day or during physical therapy, and rehabilitation, and thus aids healing. A 2012 study published in the Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine tested the effects of Kinesiology Tape on wrist pain and strength following medial epicondylitis (ME) injuries and found that Kinesiology Tape enhanced absolute force perception and improved healthy athletes' and athletes' pain conditions.

Kinesiology Tape does not severely limit circulation or range of motion.

Severely limiting the area of damaged tissue can cause swelling and stiffness to become worse, which is why stretching and stretching physical therapy or osmotherapy can help a lot during the recovery process. The Kinesiology Tape stretches longitudinally, but not laterally, to help it stay in place and attach to the correct place where muscle or joint injury occurs.

Compared to other tapes, it gently stabilizes the injured tissue without cutting off the blood supply or feeling very restricted. Kinesiology Tape can help expand patient benefits after undergoing any type of soft tissue manipulation or manual therapy. In some cases, physical therapists or other therapists who use hands-on procedures to treat patients may choose to use Kinesiology Tape with the patient after the session to facilitate lymphatic drainage and support care. During physical therapy, the tape can help keep pain low by keeping swelling down and allowing some gentle movement. A report published by the University of Auckland's Athletic Performance Institute found that Kinesio Tape 5cm x 5m may have some small beneficial effects compared to other tapes in improving strength, range of motion, and force perception errors in some injured cohorts. However, the researchers found mixed results with Kinesiology Tape overall, noting that more controlled studies are needed to prove its effectiveness.

Kinesiology Tape helps reduce low back pain.

A 2016 study published in the Journal of Body and Exercise Therapy found that kinesiology taping can be very helpful in reducing low back pain when combined with other forms of manual therapy such as physical therapy. The findings suggest that the use of Kinesiology Tape can help patients improve range of motion (ROM), muscular endurance, and motor control. In all fairness, not every study has found that K-Tape is effective for all patients, especially when used alone, but there is evidence that when combined with lifestyle habits like exercise and stretching, it can also help reduce other types of back pain. Pain, such as spine pain.

Kinesiology Tape may help treat running injuries.

Kinesiology Tape may be useful for those dealing with movement impairments including knee pain, plantar fasciitis, split shinbone (aka medial tibial stress syndrome), runner's knee (aka patellofemoral pain syndrome) sign), hamstring strains, and other types of pain from overuse or poor physical condition. Evidence suggests that, in addition to making physical activity easier for people with knee osteoarthritis, Kinesiology Tape also helps with ankle stability and balance.

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