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1 1/2" x 15 yards White Sports Tape

1 inch Gauze

1 inch Gauze for Bed Sores

1 inch Gauze for Burns

1 inch Gauze for Sensitive Skin

1 inch Gauze for Skin Infection

1" x 15 yds White Waterproof Athletic Tape

1" x 15yds Athletic Tape

1" x 15yds White Athletic Tape

1.25CM x 15Yds White Athletic Tape

1.5g Blue PE Shoe Cover

1/2" White Athletic Tape for Finger

10 x 10cm Standard Non-Woven Sterile Swabs

10 X 450 CM Bandage Gauze

100% Cotton Cheese Cloth

100% Cotton Cheesecloth

100% Cotton Crepe Bandage

100% Cotton Crepre Bandage

100% Cotton Elastic Bandage

100% Cotton Lengthwise Elastic Bandage

100% Cotton Plain Woven Elastic Bandage

100% Cotton Side Woven Gauze Bandage

100% Pure Cotton Bandgae

100's 260x180mm Disinfecting Wipe

100g Instant Ice Pack

100g instant Ice Pack for First Aid Kit

10cm x 10cm Sterile Paraffin Gauze

10cm x 10cm Vaseline Gauze Dressing

10cm x 2.75m Synthetic Cast Padding

10cm x 2.7m Cotton Wool Bandage for Orthopedic

10cm x 2.7m white Plaster of Paris Bandage

10cm x 4.5m Purfled High Elastic Bandage

10cm x 4.5m wihte woven elastic bandage

10cm x 5m Gauze Bandage for securing dressings

10mm x 400mm White Dental Cotton Roll for fillings

13cm x 9.5cm Heating Patch

15cm x 20m Plaster of Paris Slab

15cm x 39cm White Color CPE Shoe Cover

15cm x 41cm Green PE Shoe Cover for Pain

165mm x 140mm Biodegradable Wet Wipe

165mm x 140mm Flushable Wood Pulp Wet Wipe

18 Inch x 18 Inch Prewashed Lap Sponges

18" x 36" Cotton Gauze Tack Rags

18" x 36" Yellow Cotton Gauze Tack Cloth

1ml Insulin Syringe

1st Aid Bandage

2 inch Gauze

2 inch Gauze for Bed Sores

2 inch Gauze for Burns

2 inch Gauze for Skin Infection

2" x 15 yds Black Sports Tape

2" x 15 yds White Sports Tape for Knee

2" x 15yds Sports Tape

2.5cm x 13.7m Zinc Oxide Sports Tape

2.5cm x 5m Air Permeable Tape For Medical Use

2.5cm x 5m White Non Woven Permeable Tape

20 X 450CM Crepe Cotton Bandage for Body Wraps

200 x 150mm Baby Wipe for Cleaning the Skin

200 x 180mm Baby Wet Wipe

20cm x 2.7m POP Bandage for Fracture

20cm x 20cm Gauze Ball with X-Ray Threads

29cm x 9cm Ahdhesive Heat Patches

2Ply Gauze Roll

3" Wood Cotton Buds Non Sterile

3" Wood Cotton Tip Applicator Non Sterile

3cm x 6cm Alcohol Prep Pad

3“ Plastic Cotton Buds

3” Plastic Cotton Swab Non Sterile

4 Inch Israeli Combat Bandage

4 Inch Skin Color Soft Adherent Cohesive Bandage

4" Israeli Emergency Trauma Combat Bandage

4" x 4" Cotton Gauze

4" x 4" Gauze

4" x 4" Gauze for Surgical Operation

45cm x 45cm-4ply Prewashed Lap Sponge

45cm x 75cm Sterile Dressing Burn Pad

4Ply Folded Gauze Roll

4Ply Folded Gauze Roll 36" x 100yds

4Ply Folded Gauze Roll 36" x 100yds for hospital

4Ply Gauze Roll

4x4 Gauze

4x4 Gauze for Bed Sores

4x4 Gauze for Burns

4x4 Gauze for Sensitive Skin

5 X 450CM Bandage Gauze of Absorbent Cotton

50 x 40mm Butterfly Wound Adhesive Bandage

50gsm Flushable Biodegradable Wood Pulp Wet Wipe

55G Micorporous Film Coveralls for Protection

55G Microporous Coveralls Supplier

55G White Large Size Dipsosable Coverall for Protection

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10+ Years of Experience in Manufacturing Medical Supplies

A Variety of Class I and Class II Medical Products

Customers mostly in Europe, North and South America, Africa, the Middle East Asia, South-East Asian

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