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  • Q What are the Joy Crown Gauze Swabs certified?

    A We have manufactured and supplied our gauze swabs more than 20 years, with the advance weaving air jet loom, advance barrel bleaching machine, folded machine and packaging machine. Joy Crown Gauze Swabs has certified by the following certificates based our high quality gauze swabs.
    1. ISO13485 Certificate from 2009.
    2. MDD CE Certificate from 2009
    3. EU MDR Registration from 2021.
    4. MDR CE certificates from 2023.
    5. US FDA certificate from 2015.
    6. Saudi Arabian SFDA MDMA certificate from 2011.
  • Q What Are the Characteristics of Joy Crown Gauze Swabs?

    A Have you ever used gauze swabs? If not, but you must have heard of it. It is actually used to clear, wrap wounds. It can be stopping blood also, and the antimicrobial gauze roll is very breathable, so it can have a good effect.
    What are the characteristics of our gauze swabs, let's take a look.
    1. Joy Crown gauze Swabs are made of high-quality carded cotton and do not contain chemical fibers, so they have good water absorption.
    2. The warp and weft threads of Joy Crown gauze Swabs have good tensile strength and are not easy to break during use.
    3. Our gauze sheets do not contain fluorescence and meet the requirements of national, EU and US medical regulations.
    4. Our gauze Swabs do not contain starch or dextrin.
    5. The pH of our gauze swabs is neutral, and there is no side effect on the patients who use it.
  • Q If use the gauze swabs to wrap the wound, should we change the gauze swabs every days.

    A It does not change the gauze swabs every day, only to change the gauze swabs 2-3 days on the wound. And the gauze swabs will prevent dry socket.
  • Q During using the gauze swabs to wound, do the gauze swabs stick on the wound?


    Gauze swab is dry and soft wound dressing, during using the gauze swab to the wound, it does not stick on the wound.<o:p>

  • Q How to use the sterile gauze swabs?


    1. To wash the hands entirely.

    2. Wear the disposable gloves.

    3. To check the sterile gauze swabs whether they are in good sterile pouch and sealed. And check the sterile gauze swab package lot no., manufactured date and expiry date whether the sterile gauze swabs in the valid time. The Gauze Swabs expiry date is normal 5 years.

    4. Prepare the sterile tweezers.

    5. Open the valid pouch sterile gauze swabs.

    6. Grasp the gauze in its sachet in one hand at the corner.

    7. Use your other hand to open the sachet and peel the paper back.

    8. Hold the gauze swab by the corner with tweezers and use it to clean the wound.

    9. After used, dispose the gauze swabs into the medical waste bin.

  • Q Gauze Swab vs Wound Dressing

    A Gauze Swab is one of the wound dressings, it is a primarily and oldest wound dressing, widely used in the hospitals, clinics, operation room, first aid kits, home, schools and other medical scenarios.
    Wound dressing contains many medical consumables, such as gauze dressing, non-woven wound dressing, PU wound dressing, hydrocolloid and functional dressings.
  • Q What are gauze swabs used for?

    A 1. Wound cleaning
    Gauze swabs are excellent tools for cleaning wounds, thanks to their absorbent and wicking properties. Because gauze is non-linting, there’s a much-reduced risk of fibres coming off the material and getting stuck in the wound.
    2. Wound dressing
    Gauze Swab has been used as a component in wound dressing for a long time. The most common use for gauze swab is in wet-to-dry dressings. A piece of gauze swab is soaked in saline solution and then applied to the wound. As the gauze dries, necrotic tissue fuses with the material and is lifted away when the gauze is removed.
  • Q Gauze Swab Sterile vs Non Sterile Gauze Swab

    Sterile Gauze Swab is a white piece of medical dressing for cleaning and protecting minor cuts or wounds when being used in a medical environment to prevent cross contamination when cleaning open wounds. It can be used with antibacterial ointment or cream or to absorb blood or any other secretions.
    Non Sterile Gauze Swabs are packed in bulk, they can be dressing wounds that have closed or can be autoclaved before use.
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