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What does Elastic Adhesive Bandage do?

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What does Elastic Adhesive Bandage do?

Elastic Adhesive Bandage, also known as EAB bandage, is woven from natural fibers. The material is soft and highly elastic. It is used to provide binding force to wound dressings or limbs to bind and fix them. It's substantially used for surgical dressing care. It is usually a roll, tube, or triangular material made from textile processing. Its shape can be used to fix the wound dressing or restrict the movement of limbs in the form of ligatures, to play an indirect auxiliary role in wound healing. But do you know how Elastic Adhesive Tape works?


Here is the content list:

  • Elastic Adhesive Bandage is most commonly used for surgical dressing care.

  • Elastic Adhesive Bandage has a relatively fixed effect.

  • Elastic Adhesive Bandage is very versatile.

Elastic Adhesive Bandage is most commonly used for surgical dressing care

Elastic Adhesive Bandage is most commonly used in surgical dressing care. For the treatment of some vascular diseases, an Skin Color EAB with a red line in the center is also used for dressing after varicose vein surgery. When our lower extremity venous blood returns causing some swollen stomachs and pain obstacles, we can also use EAB bandage to gradually improve the darkened and hardened skin. Ulcered skin can also return to a healthy state with the help of elastic tapes. From this point of view, the effect of Elastic Adhesive Bandage and elastic socks is veritably analogous, but because Elastic Adhesive Bandage has a certain degree of professionalism, the price is also more precious. Now we frequently see numerous types of elastic tapes on request, substantially high elastic tapes, cotton elastic tapes, and PBT elastic tapes. All of these tapes are sticky to maximize the obsession where we're going to apply them.

Elastic Adhesive Bandage has a relatively fixed effect

Elastic Adhesive Bandage is not good for some trauma to the extremities, especially near the joints, where it is not good for sticking with tape or tape. Adhesive Bandage Elastic can be used for local stabilization and fixation, and it is also beneficial to reduce local swelling. And avoid the fall of the local dressing wound, which will increase the probability of infection of the local wound. Elastic Adhesive Bandage has the effect of moderate local pressure and also helps with local hemostasis. Therefore, Elastic Adhesive Bandage has the function of relative fixation and compression bandage.

Elastic Adhesive Bandage is very versatile

Elastic Adhesive Bandage is woven from natural fibers, which are soft and highly elastic. Mainly used for shell dressing care. EAB bandages are widely used, and various benefits of this bandage can be felt for external bandaging of various parts of the body, field training, trauma first aid, etc. The advantages of Elastic Adhesive Bandage are high elasticity, unrestricted movement of joints after use, no shrinkage, and no obstruction of blood circulation or displacement of joints. It is also very popular with friends in clinical practice, so it is widely used in real life and has brought help to many people. The characteristics of Adhesive Compressive Bandage are easy to use, beautiful and generous, suitable pressure, good ventilation performance, not suitable for infection, conducive to rapid wound healing, fast bandaging, no allergic phenomenon, and does not affect the daily life of patients. So its benefits are the result of practical operation.

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