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Triangular Bandage

  • Joy Crown or Customers’ Private Brands

  • JC01010


JC01010 Triangular Bandage

Triangular Bandage is referred to as a Cotton Triangular Bandage, Cotton Calico Triangular Bandage, or Triangular Sling. It is crafted from a square of cotton fabric such as muslin cotton or calico. Made from high-quality cotton or muslin cloth, these bandages can be easily folded into a sling to support fractures or used to apply pressure to bleeding wounds.

The cotton fabrics are woven into different meshes based on specific customer or market requirements.

Joy Crown Triangular Slings come in four specifications and sizes to meet diverse needs. We offer two packaging options: individual zipper bags complete with two safety pins or vacuum-sealed packaging. When used as a bandage or tourniquet, the bandages are packaged in a sterile package for added safety.

Key Features of Triangular Bandages:

  • Material: 100% unbleached cotton, muslin cotton, or calico, latex-free for optimal comfort and safety

  • Cotton Yarn: Available in different options (40's, 32's, 21's)

  • Cotton Fabric Mesh: Choose from various mesh configurations (40's, 60x58, 50x48, 43x27, 45x25, and more)

  • Size: Options include 90cm x 90cm x 127cm (36" x 36" x 51"), 96cm x 96cm x 136cm, 100cm x 100cm x 141cm (40" x 40" x 56"), 106cm x 106cm x 150cm

  • Individually polybagged in durable plastic for safety and convenience

  • Each polybag includes 1 triangular bandage and 2 safety pins for secure application

  • Available in vacuum-sealed or sterile packaging

Triangular Bandages Application:

It is a versatile and efficient first aid essential. Our Triangular Bandages serve a variety of purposes, including securing dressings, acting as cover bandages for hands, feet, and scalp, and providing support for severe burns, immobilization, or suspected fractures. They are also ideal for holding first aid dressings or cold packs in place. Triangular bandages are an essential component of any first-aid kit and should be present in the prescribed quantity and condition.

Certification and Trust:

Joy Crown Triangular Bandages have been trusted and approved with ISO13485, CE, and FDA certificates for many years. We offer a range of options with different cotton meshes and sizes to cater to various markets, including Europe, the USA, and the Middle East.


1 Piece with two safety pins/Zipper Bag with Joy Crown or OEM printing label.

Reference No/

Product Code



Unit Package

Outside/Carton Package


Cotton Triangular Bandage

with different fabric mesh based on the customer request

with two safety pins

90cm x 90cm x 127cm

(36” x 36” x 51”)

1 Piece/Zipper Bag with printing label

250 Pcs/Carton


96cm x 96cm x 136cm


100cm x 100cm x 141cm

(40” x 40” x 56”)


106cm x 106cm x 150cm

*The Vacuum package and sterile package are available.



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