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Ostomy Bag

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  • JC09004


Understanding Ostomy Surgery and Bags:

Ostomy surgery, often performed in cases of diseases or cancer of the large bowel or rectum, creates an opening in the abdomen to serve as a drainage channel in place of the natural anus. This artificial opening is referred to as a stoma. When the stoma is created due to urinary system conditions, it is called a urostomy.

The ostomy bag is used to store feces excreted by a stoma patient through the stoma, the ostomy bag is composed of a barrier and a bag body, the barrier makes the ostomy bag stick to the human body, and the bag body is used to store feces.

Joy Crown Solutions:

Joy Crown offers a diverse array of ostomy bags to address distinct stoma requirements, including colostomy and urostomy bags. An ostomy bag comprises a barrier and a bag body, with the barrier ensuring secure adherence to the body and the bag body storing waste material.

  • Hydrocolloid barrier with a unique formula and special design

  • Flexible, sealed bag

  • Activated carbon filter to effectively remove odors

  • Shelf life: 3 years

Ostomy Bag Types:

  • One-piece Ostomy bag: The bag body and barrier are one piece

  • Two-piece Ostomy bag: The bag body and barrier are split.

  • Open pocket: It can discharge feces at any time through the opening of the bag body.

  • Closed pocket: It can be discarded when it is full, which is convenient to use.

One-Piece Ostomy Bag: Simplified Convenience

Our one-piece ostomy bag combines the barrier and bag body into a single unit, ensuring straightforward application and removal. Designed for those seeking simplicity and ease of use, the one-piece ostomy bag is a perfect solution for both short-term and long-term stoma management.


Cut Size: 30mm, 40mm, 50mm, 60mm, 70mm, 80mm

Soft and comfortable ultra-thin non-woven outer lining

Convenient observation

Three sealing methods are available odors, Velcro closure, Clip closure, Twist Tie closure

Seamless Integration: The barrier and bag body are seamlessly integrated for hassle-free usage.

Quick Application: Applying and removing the bag is quick and uncomplicated.

Ideal for Post-Operative Care: Particularly suitable for post-ostomy care and individuals with permanent stomas.

Hygiene and Comfort: Non-return valves prevent backflow, ensuring hygiene and a comfortable experience.


Post-ostomy: One-piece open ostomy bags are often used in individuals who have had colostomy, ileostomy, or ureterostomy. These surgeries may be the result of bowel disease, trauma, or other medical reasons.

Long-term or permanent stoma: A one-piece open colostomy bag is a common option for individuals who need to rely on a stoma for the long-term or permanent removal of body waste. These individuals may have severe digestive disorders, colon cancer, or urinary problems.

Features of Two-Piece Ostomy Bag: Versatility and Flexibility

Joy Crown's two-piece ostomy bag offers the flexibility to replace the bag without removing the barrier. This design is perfect for those who prefer versatility in their ostomy care routine. Enjoy the benefits of a customizable fit and enhanced comfort with our two-piece ostomy bag.


Soft and tough plastic snap ring with good air tightness

Three chassis styles adapt to various types of colostomy patients

Independent Bag Replacement: Replace the bag without detaching the barrier, providing greater convenience.

Customizable Fit: Adjust the bag placement for optimal comfort and security.

Suitable for Variable Needs: Ideal for individuals with varying bowel movement patterns or frequent emptying requirements.

Maximum Comfort: Our hydrocolloid barriers ensure superior comfort and protection against leakage.


The two-piece open ostomy bag is suitable for individuals who have a variable bowel movement pattern or require frequent emptying of the pouch.


One-Piece Open Ostomy Bag

One Piece Open Ostomy Bag.pptx

Two-Piece Open Colostomy Bag

Two Piece Open Ostomy Bag.pptx

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