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Orthopedic Casting Tape

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Orthopedic casting tape is a type of medical bandage used for immobilizing and supporting broken or injured bones. It is commonly used in orthopedics to create a cast, which helps stabilize the affected area during the healing process.

Our orthopedic casting tapes have two types based on the different materials, orthopedic fiberglass casting tape and polyester casting tape. The fiberglass or polyester casting tape is generally preferred over plaster of paris bandage because it is lighter, more durable, and allows the skin to breathe, reducing the risk of skin irritation and infection. However POP bandage can still be used in certain situations because of its economic price, but it tends to be bulkier and heavier.

Key Features of Orthopedic Casting Tape:

  • Material: Knitted fiberglass fabric or polyester fabric, water-activated polyurethane resin

  • Color: White, Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple, etc

  • Size:

    Width 5cm, 7.5cm, 10cm, 12.5cm, 15cm/2”, 3”, 4”, 5”, 6”

    Length 4 yards/3.6m

  • Lightweight: compared with traditional plaster bandages, the casting tape is lighter than them. It is very important for the doctor use during the surgery operation

  • Rigidity and Stability: Once the casting tape is properly applied and hardened, it forms a rigid and stable structure around the injured area. This immobilizes the bone, reducing movement and providing support during the healing process

  • Quick Setting Time: Orthopedic casting tapes typically have a relatively short setting time, which means they harden relatively quickly after exposure to water. It is even faster than traditional POP bandages setting time

  • X-ray Transparency: Joy Crown orthopedic casting tapes are designed to be radiolucent, allowing X-rays and other imaging techniques to pass through the cast. This feature enables medical professionals to monitor the healing progress without removing the cast

  • Water-resistant

  • Easy Removal

  • Latex Free

  • Shelf Life: 3 Years

How to use our Orthopedic Casting Tape

A. First, put a cotton sleeve on the part that needs to be fixed and wind it with cotton

B. Wear the gloves before operation

C. Choose a medical polymer bandage of appropriate size to open the packaging bag. Do not open multiple bags at the same time.

D. Take out the casting tape and soak it in water at 25±2℃ for about 4~5 seconds, squeeze it 2~3 times at the same time, make it fully absorb the water, take it out, and squeeze out the excess water

E. Wrap the orthopedic casting bandage in a spiral shape on the affected part and partially overlap it to strengthen the product strength. The winding should be moderately tight. Too loose will weaken the effect of shaping and bearing weight, and too tight will affect the blood circulation of the affected part. The overall strength of this product is related to the number of winding layers. The number of winding layers is determined according to the actual situation. The non-load-bearing parts overlap 2-4 layers, and the load-bearing parts overlap 2-6 layers. When using multiple rolls of bandages, it is necessary to ensure the adhesion between the layers of the product

F. After the bandage is wrapped, it should be shaped to increase the adhesion between the layers of the bandage. It is recommended to finish the shaping within 2 to 8 minutes, and the functional strength can be reached after 30 minutes. Before the product achieves full weight-bearing effect, it is necessary to avoid movement of the affected part as much as possible

G. When this product needs to be removed, an electric plaster saw is required for operation

Application of Fiberglass Casting Tape:

Orthopedic casting tape is used for the external fixation of the fracture and common orthopedic. It is gradually replacing the use of traditional plaster bandages in hospitals.


It's important to note that orthopedic casting tape should only be applied by trained medical professionals. Improper application can lead to complications, such as pressure sores, nerve damage, or incorrect healing of the bone.

Packing: 1 Roll/Foil Bag with OEM/ODM or Joy Crown printing.

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Fiberglass Casting Tape

2” x 4yds

1 Roll/Foil Bag

10   Bags/Box

120 Rolls


3” x 4yds


4” x 4yds

90 Rolls


5” x 4yds


6” x 4yds


Orthopedic Polyester Casting Tape

5cm x 360cm

120 Rolls


7.5cm x 360cm


10cm x 360cm

90 Rolls


12.5cm x 360cm


15cm x 360cm

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