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Mercury Free Clinical Thermometer

Mercury Free Thermometer is a mercury free, environmentally safe and no batteries needed clinical thermometer. It uses Gallium-Indium-Tin instead of Mercury to accurately measure temperature and non toxic. The Mercury free clinical thermometer is still traditional glass thermometer contains an environmentally friendly alternative to mercury, which makes it safe to clean up with just some mild soap and water if it breaks. Simply place the thermometer under the tongue for three minutes for proven clinical accuracy and check the dual Fahrenheit and Celsius measurements for an easy readout.

Consider the Mercury-Free Oral Thermometer as it delivers accuracy without the risk of using mercury. The dual-scale (94°–108°F and 35°–42°C) reads quickly by 1/10° increments as an assessment for clinical accuracy. The thermometer is nontoxic for safety. Healthcare workers appreciate the green color as a code for oral usage only, eliminating improper use.
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  • JC08003


Mercury Free Clinical Thermometer

Joy Crown Mercury free clinical thermometer is good ideal product of emergency first aid kits for home. It helps keep your family healthy with our Joy Crown Mercury-Free Glass Thermometer, while protecting the environment.

Mercury free clinical thermometer


  • Contains a liquid alloy consisting of gallium, indium and tin

  • Mercury Free

  • Completely non-toxic and environment-friendly

  • Fahrenheit & Celsius Readings

  • Proven clinical accuracy

  • Easy to read

  • Measurement scope: 35 ℃~42 ℃ (94 ℉~108 ℉)

  • Accuracy: -0.15 ℃ ~ +0.10 ℃

  • It is approved by ISO13485, CE certificates and US FDA List

Package: 1pc/plastic single case with with OEM/ODM or Joy Crown printing.

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Mercury   free clinical thermometer, 1pc/plastic single case

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1pc/plastic single   case




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