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How do you use a Cold Bandage

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How do you use a Cold Bandage

The Cold Bandage is a medical fixation bandage that perfectly combines cold compress and compression therapy. The product is made of blue elastic bandage and cold-wet dressing in a specific aseptic process environment. After using the ice bandage, it can quickly cool down and reduce swelling and pain. How do you use a cold bandage?

  • How do you use a Cold Bandage?

  • What are the Ice Wrap Cold Bandage features?

  • What are the advantages of ice bandages over instant ice packs?


1.jpgHow do you use a cold bandage?

Cold Bandage instant cooling relief 7.5cm x 3.6m blue cold bandage 8cm x 3m Blue Ice Wrap Cold Bandage 10cm x 3.6m Blue Ice and Go Elastic Cold Bandage instant cooling relief

Medical Sports Mentholated Cold Wrap Cooling Bandage for Joint 7.5cm X 3.6mCold Wrap Cooling BandageBlue Cold Bandage Wrap instant cooling relief7.5cm x 3.6m Blue Elasticated Cold Bandage 12cm x 3m Blue Cooling Bandage 

8cm x 3m blue cold bandage1. Open the outer package and wrap the injured area as the center (the bandaging area is 1.5 times the injured area), fix it with an elastic buckle, and cut it according to the length.

2. If pressure bandage is needed to stop bleeding, fix the primary dressing before using this product.

3. It is necessary to observe whether the blood supply of the injured area and surrounding tissues is good, and whether there is an allergic reaction. If you feel uncomfortable, please stop using it immediately.

4. Do not use it directly on damaged skin. If you need to use it, you need to protect the damaged area with a waterproof wound dressing.

What are the Ice Wrap Cold Bandage features?

Local cold compress has been recognized as one of the standard treatment measures in the acute phase of sports injury. Combined with moderate pressure bandaging, it can reduce injured area temperature, shrink capillaries, reduce exudation, bleeding and the release of inflammatory mediators, and block the injury site and Conduction of pain nerves; effectively relieve pain, reduce bleeding, reduce swelling, reduce inflammation levels, and maximize immediate and long-term motor function.

1. The cold bandage uses the volatility of the cold and wet dressing to take away the heat of the local tissue, thereby reducing the temperature and achieving the effect of reducing swelling and pain.

2. The main component of the ice bandage is blue elastic bandage, which has good air permeability, soft and elastic contact surface with people, can fit the human body well, and is easy to fix, avoiding the incomplete contact surface and difficult fixing during using traditional cold compresses. It can be cut longitudinally according to the required length of different parts, using special textile technology, after cutting, there is basically no threads or burrs, etc.

3. Ice Wrap cold bandages reduce the irritation to the human body caused by the extremely low temperature of traditional ice compresses, improve the comfort of the human body while cooling, and reduce the possibility of frostbite.

4. After combining the cold and wet dressings with the bandage, the cold wrap cooling bandage can not only play the role of reducing swelling and pain, but also keep the joint and the injured ligament in a relaxed position, temporarily restricting the movement of the limb, which is conducive to the repair of the injured ligament, thereby reduced treatment and recovery time.

5. Ice and Go elastic cold bandages are sterile products for one-time use, which can be used immediately, easy to use and carry, and can be operated with/out gloves. It is an extremely important emergency measure for sports injuries and avoids a series of preparation procedures required by traditional cold compresses.

6. When cold bandage is used in combination with other topical drugs, no obvious adverse reactions have been found.

7. No obvious allergic reaction was found in the ice bandage skin irritation test.

8. Blue cold bandages have good X-ray transmittance.

9. Blue ice bandages can also be used as a backing layer for other fixing materials.

What are the advantages of ice bandages over instant ice packs?

1. More effectively prolong the duration of low temperature.

2. Avoid low temperature to cause frostbite skin.

3. Reduce the number of replacements and reduce the workload of medical and nursing staff.

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