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Heat Patch

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Heat patches are designed for targeted and effective pain relief. They offer up to 10 hours of soothing comfort for various discomforts. Whether you're dealing with muscle aches, joint stiffness, sports injuries, or simply seeking relaxation, our Heat Patches provide the relief you need.

Key Features of Heat Patch:

  • Design for Long-Lasting Comfort and Relief: Deliver up to 10 hours of temporary pain relief. They provide deep, penetrating warmth, promoting relaxation and mobility.

  • Versatile Pain Relief: Ideal for sports injuries, strains, sprains, and joint discomfort.

  • High Quality and Competitive Prices: Pharmacies, drug stores, and supermarkets use our warm patches as a valuable addition to their offerings.

  • Easy Use: These adhesive patches adhere comfortably to your skin, ensuring you can go about your daily activities while experiencing soothing relief.

  • Activated Warmth: Our Heat Patches are activated upon opening and can be applied directly to the skin. Experience the gentle warmth that eases minor aches, pains, and stiffness in muscles and joints.

Product Specifications:

  • Material: Iron powder 58%, activated carbon 9%, vermiculite 11%, industrial salt (potassium chloride) 4%, water 18%

  • Sizes: Small (13cm x 9.5cm), Large (29cm x 9cm); Custom sizes available

  • Temperature: Max. 68°C, average 52°C, lasting 10 hours (above 40°C)

  • Adaptable Use: Suitable for neck, back, or shoulder pain

  • Muscle Relief: Relieves muscular tension, promoting comfort and mobility

  • Localized Warming: Provides a gentle warmth that soothes discomfort

  • Quick Activation: The patch heats up within 5 minutes and provides relief for 10 hours

  • Odorless and Drug-Free: Experience lasting relief without unwanted scents or medications

Heat Patch Application:

Muscle pain, strains, and joint stiffness

Back, hip, thigh, calf, arm, neck, and shoulder pain


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Unit Package


/Carton Package


Heating Patches

Small Size

13cm x 9.5cm

1 patch/plastic bag

10 patches/box

24 boxes/carton


Large Size

29.0cm x 9.0cm



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