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Emergency Bandage

  • Joy Crown or Customers’ Private Brands

  • JC04020


Emergency Bandage

first-aid solution for stopping bleeding from traumatic hemorrhagic wounds

Our Emergency Bandage, also referred to as Israeli bandage, military emergency bandage, or Israeli emergency bandage, is crafted with high elastic bandage material, an absorbent cotton pad, a plastic pressure applicator, and a plastic closure bar. This unique design allows for easy and effective bleeding in pre-hospital emergency situations.

The bandage features a sterile elastic bandage with an absorbent cotton pad sewn into one end. Simply place the cotton pad directly on the wound and feed the bandage through the pressure applicator before bandaging in the opposite direction. The reverse bandaging technique applies direct pressure on the wound, effectively controlling bleeding. To secure the bandage without the need for pins, clips, tape, or knots, utilize the closure bar at the end of the bandage.

For added convenience and safety, our Israeli Emergency Bandage is normally vacuum packaged, double-wrapped, and sterilized using Gamma or EO.

Choose from different Emergency Bandage sizes to suit your needs:

  • Bandage 4" - Dimensions: 4" W x 4.5M L (bandage), 4" x 4.8” (cotton pad)

  • Bandage 6" - Dimensions: 6" W x 4.5M L (bandage), 6” x 7.2" (cotton pad)

  • Bandage 8" - Dimensions: 8" W x 4.5M L (bandage), 8” x 10" (cotton pad)

  • Bandage 10" - Dimensions: 10" W x 4.5M L (bandage), 12” x 12" (cotton pad)

Emergency Bandage Features:

  • Material: Made from high elastic bandage, absorbent cotton pad, plastic pressure applicator, and plastic closure bar.

  • Sterile non-adherent dressing: Allows for the removal of the bandage without reopening the wound.

  • Pressure applicator: Stops bleeding by applying pressure and allows for easy bandaging in various directions, making it especially useful for injuries in the groin and head.

  • Closure bar: Secures the bandage with added pressure, ensuring it stays neatly in place without slipping.

  • For the treatment of traumatic hemorrhagic injuries.

  • Vacuum packaged, double-wrapped, and sterile.

Packing: 1 roll/vacuum pack, double wrap by OEM/ODM or Joy Crown printing.

Reference No/

Product Code

DescriptionBandage Size

Cotton Pad Size

Unit Package

Outside/Carton Package


Emergency Bandage


4” x 4.5m

4” x 4.8”

1 Roll/Vacuum Pack

Double Wrapped

200 Rolls


6” x 4.5m

6” x 7.2”

100 Rolls


8” x 4.5m

8” x 10”

100 Rolls


10” x 4.5m

12” x 12”

50 Rolls



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