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Calcium Alginate Dressing

  • Joy Crown or Customers’ Private Brands

  • JC05023


Calcium alginate dressing, also called calcium alginate wound dressing and Alginate Dressings, is an advanced wound care solution designed to accelerate the healing process and promote a comfortable recovery.

Joy Crown calcium alginate dressing is composed of natural polysaccharide carbohydrates extracted from seaweed, offering a multitude of benefits for effective wound management.

Key Features of Calcium Alginate Dressing:

  • Natural and Safe: Made from seaweed, non-toxic for humans.

  • Highly Absorbent: Our medical alginate dressing boasts high hygroscopicity, efficiently absorbing up to 11 times its own weight of liquid exudates.

  • Hemostatic Properties: Upon contact with wound exudates, the Calcium Alginate Dressing releases Ca2+, promoting the formation of a prothrombin activator and accelerating the blood coagulation process.

  • Gel-Forming Capability: Absorbing wound exudates, the Alginate Dressing creates a soft and stable network gel on the wound surface, fostering a microenvironment conducive to tissue growth and promoting wound healing.

  • Bacteriostatic Properties: Creates a good sealing effect to isolate the wound from external bacteria. Calcium alginate dressing also fixes harmful bacteria inside the fiber, effectively inhibiting bacterial reproduction and reducing the risk of infection.

  • Reduced Scar Formation: By minimizing stimulation and damage to the wound surface, our alginate dressing reduces scar formation, contributing to improved cosmetic outcomes.

  • Latex-Free and Sterile: Designed for single-use, ensuring a safe and hygienic wound care process.

Calcium Alginate Dressing Application:

  • Management of exudates and local hemostasis

  • Wounds with moderate-to-severe exudates and cavities, such as pressure ulcers and decubitus wounds

  • Diabetic foot ulcer wounds and lower extremity venous/arterial ulcer wounds

  • Burn donor site wounds and refractory burn wounds in the burn department

  • Bleeding and exudates from the wound after anorectal fistula operation

How To Use Calcium Alginate Dressing:

  • Preparation: Wash the wound with normal saline and dry the wound edge with sterile gauze.

  • Cover the wound surface with a piece of Joy Crown Alginate Dressing, then secure the dressing with a secondary bandage.

    In the initial stage, the calcium alginate dressing generally needs to be replaced every day.

    As granulation tissue begins to form and exudates decrease, the number of alginate dressing replacements should be reduced accordingly.

  • Each piece of medical alginate dressing can cover the wound for a maximum of 7 days.

  • For replacement or removal, gently remove the secondary bandage, and then use normal saline or an auxiliary tool to remove the dressing.


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Unit Package


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Calcium Alginate Dressing

EO Sterilization

5cm x 5cm

1pc/sterile pouch

10 pouches/box

20 boxes


6cm x 6cm


10cm x 10cm

10 boxes


10cm x 15cm


10cm x 20cm


15cm x 15cm


15cm x 25cm

1pc/sterile pouch

5 pouches/box


20cm x 20cm


20cm x 30cm


20cm x 40cm


30cm x 40cm

1pc/sterile pouch



40cm x 50cm


2.7cm x 34cm

1roll/sterile pouch

10 pouches/box



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