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Biodegradable Wet Wipe Production and Application Prospect

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Biodegradable Wet Wipe Production and Application Prospect

Biodegradable Wet Wipe Production and Application Prospect

Biodegradable Wet Wipes Production

As a professional manufacturer and supplier for biodegradable wet wipes, Shanghai Joy Crown is expert in providing OEM & Private labeling services for the clients around the world. Our products are popular in European, Australian and USA markets.

Our factory has advance production line of Wet Wipe and Dry Wipes, we have fully equipped and functional laboratory and formulation lab. We complete the liquid dispensing independently, and have our own liquid dispensing facilities and professional technicians to study the formula. We can carry out liquid dispensing according to the customer's formula requirements.

Biodegradable Wet Wipe Application Prospect

Eco-friendly products are becoming more and more popular in the market. Even in some countries, eco-friendly requirement is a must for some products. For instance, UK has issued rules that normal wet wipes to be ‘eliminated’ in UK as conservationists say they are changing the shape of Thames riverbed The move means manufacturers will have to find ways to make wipes biodegradable or consumers will eventually have to make do without. This kind of rule would be adopted by more and more countries in the future, such as Australian, Germany, USA and even for China. That means the biodegradable wet wipes have great market demand since it is eco-friendly products.

Joy Crown produces and supply bamboo biodegradable wet wipes and wood pulp biodegradable wet wipe. They are respectively made from bamboo fibers and wood pulp. Both of these biodegradable wet wipes are eco-friendly products. They are maceratable and flushable wipes.

Our advanced wet wipe production line also can be produced for Disinfectant Wipe, Cleansing Wipe, Baby Wipe, Adult Wipe, Pet Wipe, Anti-Bacterial Wipe, etc.


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